Directors To Dig: Nicolas Winding Refn

Many of you have probably seen Drive, with Ryan Gosling. A fantastic movie with a great soundtrack by the awesome Cliff Martinez. It’s probably the most popular movie of RLVoX7VRefn’s, but over the course of his career Refn has produced some of the most intense, strange, and gripping films that not nearly enough people have the pleasure of seeing. He made the Pusher Trilogy, a trilogy of intertwining Danish crime films that have an intensity rarely seen in the films of the present Hollywood system. He made Bronson, which is one of the first known examples of Tom Hardy’s ability to be way more badass than you and I. His favorite movie of mine and one of my favorite movies in general is Only God Forgives. His most recent critically divided and beautifully shot mind warping crime thriller takes place in Bangkok, and you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. Every movie he’s made has a brutality and insanity that you’ll never forget. His new film The Neon Demon stars Elle Fanning and is set to screen at this years Cannes Film Festival. When Only God Forgives screened there it was met with both walkouts and applause.
Time will tell how Cannes treats The Neon Demon. Right now you can stream two of his films on Netflix, Bronson and Valhalla Rising, the latter of which I love but chances are it will surely cause you to question the value of my opinions.

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