Marty McFly Might Be An Idiot

Back To The Future. It’s hilarious, fun, and it’s a smart science fiction classic. If you haven’t seen it turn off your computer or phone or whatever you’re reading this on go to your nearest Blockbuster and rent Back To The Future.
No one can deny the movie’s greatness, but I’ve got a minor beef that I’d like to float out in the air. I think Marty McFly is kind of an idiot. I’m basing this solely on one quick scene. I don’t really have any other evidence or reason to think this but I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and say that Marty McFly is most definitely an idiot. I’ll explain.
Marty travels back to the 1950’s fairly early into the movie, right after Doc “dies” with the uranium and the Iranians and all that jazz. It’s pretty clear Marty is in the 1950’s, I mean obviously he’s in shock or disbelief or whatever, but the evidence all around pretty much points to 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” mumbo jumbo.
After traveling with the DeLorean to the 1950’s farm house, Marty, who’s still shocked, walks around the 1950’s town and walks into the clearly 1950’s diner.
There’s no doubt he had some idea that he was in the 1950’s, being that he was from the 1980’s and there were no Corey Feldman posters around the diner.
This is where my beef comes in to play.
Marty walks into the diner, with at least minimal to moderate awareness that he may be in the 1950’s, and he asks the guy behind the counter for a Tab and then a Pepsi Free?!…
Go ahead, google the scene, then Google both of those sodas. He asks for a Tab then a Pepsi Free. Two weird 80’s failed attempts at soda that obviously would have never existed in the 1950’s. C’mon Marty. you’re better than that.
That’s like us traveling back to the 1980’s and asking for a Red Bull or a Four Loko.
Granted, Marty was a bit shook up and confused, but he still knew that the whole time traveling thing was on the table, its not like he woke up in the 1950’s out of nowhere.
Maybe I’m being a nitpicker. Maybe not. Maybe Marty should get his shit together. Either way Michael J. Fox is the man. Thanks for reading.

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