Marco? Polo.

If you thought this was going to be a post on the differences in strategy when it comes to the shallow end compared to the deep end during a game of Marco Polo, you’ve made a wrong turn. Marco Polo is the fantastic, wondrous, violent, and seductive Netflix show about the adventures of Italian explorer Marco Polo as wingman and total BFF to Kublai Khan in 13th century Mongolia.

The show is absolutely awesome and it seems to be Netflix’s answer to HBO’s Game of Thrones. A grand swords and shields show with an epic scope and plenty of unnecessary nudity. If you haven’t checked it out do so next time you’re scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch once you’ve gotten bored with Everyone Loves Raymond (which could take a while).

Every time I talk to someone chances are they haven’t seen Marco Polo, in fact some even stay away from it just because they think there’ll be subtitles, which there aren’t, and even if there were you should be able to handle some subtitles.

My point is I don’t think there are enough people watching that show and that’s a shame because the show is great. There’s sword battles, blind kung fu masters, nude martial arts, and the actor who plays Marco Polo, Lorenzo Richemly, looks kind of like someone smashed Bam Margera and Theon Greyjoy’s head together. I don’t know if that makes it or breaks it for you but it’s a fact. If you start getting into it now you’ll be able to catch the second season which is supposed to premiere on Netflix in the beginning of July this year. Definitely binge-worthy.

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