Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions: Rogue One

Everyone has seen The Force Awakens. It dropped into the world like a falling Imperial Star Destroyer straight into the surface of Jakku, infecting the world with Star Wars fever once again. From my perspective it easily falls into the top three all time Star Wars movies so far, some people think it’s decent, but generally the people are happy with The Force Awakens. Episode VIII doesn’t come out until next December I believe, but have no fear cause Rogue One is near.
That’s right, this December, we get to see the first of the new Star Wars anthology films, Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards (who made the new Godzilla movie). Most of you have probably seen the trailer for it, but if you haven’t check it out right below.
Rumor is Disney will try to release a new Star Wars movie each year, including a Han Solo prequel currently in the works. There are probably young Han’s getting looked at for the role as I type this. I certainly am not complaining about the potential Star Wars film universe that seems to be on the horizon. Especially with Rogue One out this December. Rogue One tells the story of the crew of rebel soldiers who stole the original death star plans, remember the ones Leia was captured for in the beginning of A New Hope, the ones she gave to R2 and C3PO, those plans. Judging by the trailer, the killer cast, and the fact that it happens to be a Star Wars movie, I’m pretty much frothing at the mouth.
I don’t really have any new news, and I haven’t done too much digging other than watching the trailer so I can’t exactly give you anymore major facts surrounding the film. But, what I can give you are wild unsubstantiated and uniformed predictions, based on nothing more than personal preference and mood. So lets just jump right into it, here are my Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
1. Ben Mendelsohn will die, most likely in some explosion or by plummeting to his death. Also I feel like he might have a weird voice, calling it now.
2. Forest Whitaker or Donnie Yen will die. They seem like either of them could fill the badass mentor role, who eventually dies so our heroes can become even stronger (somehow).
3. We will see princess Leia but only from afar, like probably just her head buns poking out of the top of some crowd of rebel soldiers.
4. Also we will definitely see either C3PO or R2D2 but not both.
5. This is a long shot but I’m just going to go ahead and gamble that Naboo will be mentioned or used in someway. Probably won’t. Probably shouldn’t. Damn you George Lucas.
6. Donnie Yen will dodge a point blank laser blast, using whatever type of outer space martial arts he uses.
7. Someone is going to lose a hand.
8. Diego Luna and Felicity Jones’ characters don’t get along at first, but then they totally do.
9. Spiderman will appear. Not 100% sure about this but after seeing how awesome he was in Civil War (go see it) I feel like Disney should shove him into just about every movie they make.
10. Mads Mikkelson will most likely be cooking on screen at some point, if I know anything about Mads Mikkelson it’s that he loves to cook.
11. I also suspect that some members of the good guy group might have to sacrifice themselves or do some type of crazy distraction (see prediction number 2) so other members of the good guy group can do whatever it is they need to. I know thats fairly vague, but I’m fairly sure that will definitely happen.
12. We will meet another Binks (see prediction number 5) and he/she will escape a deadly scenario.
So those are my Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 
If you have any predictions or thoughts feel free to comment, thanks for reading.
Photo Credit: Snagged from starwars.com

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