True American Films: The Raid

Nothing is more American than Asian martial arts movies. For decades now children have been channeling Bruce Lee and pretending to murder each with spinning back kicks while their parents drink mimosas and or malt liquor. Martial arts movies have been a healthy staple for any action movie fan, and if you haven’t been lucky enough to witness  the glory that is The Raid (Redemption) yet, then you should be grateful to have come across this article.

The Raid: Redemption, shot in Indonesia and written and directed by Welsh director Gareth Evans. It was given the extra Redemption after Sony snagged it and bagged it thinking they’d release an English language remake, which seems unlikely now and it truly could never amount to the sheer awesomeness that is The Raid: Redemption.

The Raid is about a bunch of cops who storm a grimy apartment complex used as the headquarters of an ultra bad drug kingpin and his army of goons. Check out the trailer below…(be warned, its the Red Band trailer which basically means your Grandmother will like it less than the green band trailer)

The Raid proves itself a True American Film by spending 90 minutes punching faces, breaking bones, and using rampant unnecessary finishing moves. It’s an American Film because its all about fighting when your back is against the wall, no matter how outnumbered or impossibly illogical things may seem. So round up the family and put on The Raid: Redemption, its filled with stuff like this machete fight sequence…



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