TV Review: Lady Dynamite Pilot

Some people may not know who Maria Bamford is yet. Some people only know her as that lady who does the voices. Fans of  Maria Bamford know that she’s an usually loopy yet absurdly funny comedian, and I think most of her fans will agree with me when I say it’s awesome to see her come out with a show that manages right from the start to capture Maria’s almost schizophrenic comedic personality. Lady Dynamite which premiered on Netflix yesterday, is that show.

Lady Dynamite is a look into the “life” of Maria Bamford, and Maria just wants to fit in and make things happen for herself like anyone else in the world. Only its a little harder for Maria with all her hallucinatory daydreaming and fourth wall breaking. Maria is a demented beam of positivity in a negative world. Her goal is simple, she wants to setup a bench in her neighborhood to bring the community together, but clearly that’s easier said than done.

What I loved about Lady Dynamite, other than its schizophrenic personality is the insane amount of cameos. Some are great yet unsurprising like fellow alternative comedians Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn (all three appeared in the Comedians of Comedy together over ten years ago which is definitely worth checking out). Other’s seem to come out of nowhere like Sugar Ray’s Mark McMgrath.

There are many comedian centered shows out there. Louie of course, there’s Maron,  and Master of None came out on Netflix not to long ago, to name a few (all great and very different). The question of what separates Lady Dynamite from the rest is obviously on the table, it’s even brought up in the show. The answer is Maria and the personality she brings into the show. Like I said before, the show manages right from the start to speak with Maria’s “many” unstable yet mostly cheerful voices, giving it a personality unlike any other series out there.

By the end the series premiere of Lady Dynamite we do find out what happens to Maria’s bench. But we also have questions. Will Maria find love? Or friendship? Will we ever find out what the deal is with the lambs? I know I’ll keep watching and hopefully I’ll find out.

The Lady Dynamite Premiere gets… 5/5 Stars

If you agree or disagree or have thoughts, concerns, or just a lot of free time, please feel free to leave a comment. And check out the trailer below…



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