An Apology to the Neighbors of The Wolfpack Family

Netflix has a great selection of documentaries you can stream right from your toilet and or couch. Everyone knows that. The Wolfpack is one of those great documentaries, click the link below for the trailer…
The Wolfpack lets us into the lives of the Angulo kids. Six brothers, possibly clones, who grew up confined if not imprisoned in a New York City apartment, learning everything they know and love from the wide selection of movies they obsess over. As you can tell from the trailer, they love movies and they are certainly not your average pack of siblings, they are indeed a pack of lone wolves roaming around in a strange world. The Wolfpack is as much about movies as it is a study on an interesting and odd family dynamic (basically a documentary on how not to parent). The brothers, the whole family really, are forced into isolation by the father. You end up feeling really bad for the Angulo kids who clearly yearn for more than old VHS screenings from the inside of their less than spectacular apartment. But, I almost feel worse for whoever their neighbors were…
The neighbors of the Angulo family went through absolute hell. Constant elaborate ceremonies and musical numbers. Constant scene for scene movie reenactments where no one bothered to watch the volume of their voices. Never knowing how many kids there actually were since most of them are practically copies. They probably never interacted with anyone else in the building. Let’s not forget about the swat team… To top it off they never left the apartment. They were always right down the hall loudly reenacting Quentin Tarantino movies. So I apologize to any and all neighbors of the Angulo family, because I’m sure no one else has. You’ve been through a lot, and I hope you know I sympathize with the fact that you had such terrible neighbors.
That being said The Wolfpack is a great documentary, so check it out next time you’re surfing Netflix for something to watch.
If you feel the same or differently, or were one of the Angulo neighbors, or you’re just bored, please leave a comment, and thanks for reading…
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