Movie Review: Slow West

Last year at the Tribeca Film Festival I was lucky enough to catch a few screenings, however I was not lucky enough to catch a screening of Slow West. Fortunately I subscribe to Amazon Prime, and sometimes, but not always, Amazon Prime knows whats up. Currently they’re streaming Slow West, so you should check it out […]

Liam Neeson: Comedy Genius

Liam Neeson has had a diverse and memorable career. Some of you may know him as Oskar Schindler, or Zeus, or as that guy who fought that wolf. Every character of his is brought to life in a spectacularly dramatic fashion. However you’re familiar with Mr. Neeson, the one thing everyone knows is that he’s a […]

Directors To Dig: Nicolas Winding Refn

Many of you have probably seen Drive, with Ryan Gosling. A fantastic movie with a great soundtrack by the awesome Cliff Martinez. It’s probably the most popular movie of Refn’s, but over the course of his career Refn has produced some of the most intense, strange, and gripping films that not nearly enough people have […]

Marty McFly Might Be An Idiot

Back To The Future. It’s hilarious, fun, and it’s a smart science fiction classic. If you haven’t seen it turn off your computer or phone or whatever you’re reading this on go to your nearest Blockbuster and rent Back To The Future. No one can deny the movie’s greatness, but I’ve got a minor beef […]