True American Films: Road House

Few films touch the hearts and minds of the people like 1989’s Road House starring Patrick Swayze. It’s a film about love and justice and standing up for what’s right when a whole town of corruption stands in your way. It’s a film about blue jeans and round house kicks, and that’s all you need to know.

The legendary Swayze is iconic as Dalton, the infamous bouncer with a degree in philosophy who moves from town to town stabilizing not just the local saloons but the communities themselves.

Through his tai chi and his refusal to wear underwear under his blue jeans at all times, he musters up the strength and courage to face off against Ben Gazzara. The local villainous tycoon who literally lives down the road from Dalton, flies helicopters, and employs rapist thugs trained in karate. He’s your average American town villain. Every town has one. If only we all had a Dalton…

So pop in Road House and celebrate America the way it was meant to be celebrated, through bar fights, eighties hair styles, and tai chi. In related rumors Rhonda Rousey is apparently in talks to be the star of the remake/reboot. I’m down for that, as long as she wears blue jeans. Swayze would want it that way.

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