Anton Yelchin

Last weekend Anton Yelchin passed away in a tragic accident. He was twenty-seven years old, not too much older than me and probably many of you also. It’s a shame when anyone passes this early, but there’s extra bitterness when we see someone who had so much to offer leave in such a sudden manner.

Although gone he has cemented himself as a unique star in the world of film and the hearts of countless fans. Many of you know him as Chekov from the new Star Trek trilogy, the third being released this summer. But he’s had so many roles, I even remember seeing him on Curb Your Enthusiam as Cheryl’s nephew who annoys Larry by not revealing how he does simple magic tricks. One of my favorite films of his is the remake of Fright Night, starring him and Colin Farrell, it’s a great movie that has something for everyone and is totally underrated so check it out if you haven’t already.

I had been planning on seeing Green Room for a while now, one of Yelchin’s recent movies that everyone raves about. Seeing it now will no doubt be a different experience both for better and for worse. Being able to appreciate what he gave the world to enjoy, while knowing we were robbed of a great actor who would have had great things on the the horizon.

But we should appreciate and remember Anton Yelchin how he would have wanted, through his movies. So do yourself a favor and watch a movie of his that you haven’t seen. Thanks for reading…

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