Comedy Classics: Face/Off

(Minor Spoilers) Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to catch one of the greatest examples of comedy and action cinema has to offer. That movie is 1997’s Face/Off. It stars two of Hollywood’s national treasures, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, and its directed by the legendary John Woo. It’s truly a Woo classic too, there’s […]

The Tick Pilot Review

(Minor spoilers) As Whoopi puts it… “People be cray cray” and that statement holds true in a world where superheroes & villains have roamed around for decades. Now I never really watched the old The Tick show so I wasn’t really sure on what I’d be getting into. I knew the old one was kind […]

Red Oaks Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) Red Oaks is comedy series about a college kid who works as a tennis instructor during the summer in 1980’s New Jersey. It’s got a Caddyshack vibe only with less gophers, and a little less slapstick. It truly does the 80’s well, its got big hair, loud music, and plenty of drugs. It hilarious […]

The Problem With Comparing Horror Movies…

As I’ve been trying to compare horror movies to one another lately, I realized something: The problem with comparing horror movies is that there are so many different kinds of horror movie sub-genres, that each sub-genre has its own advantages and caveats.

Does The World Need More Avatar Movies?

The answer is no… I’ll digress. James Cameron is great, he makes great movies, everyone knows that. But a few years ago he made a movie known as Avatar, and he plans on cranking out several sequels over the next few years. Some people think Avatar is great. But they’re wrong. Avatar is mostly boring, usually […]