Comedy Classics: Face/Off

(Minor Spoilers) Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to catch one of the greatest examples of comedy and action cinema has to offer. That movie is 1997’s Face/Off. It stars two of Hollywood’s national treasures, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, and its directed by the legendary John Woo. It’s truly a Woo classic too, there’s […]

The Tick Pilot Review

(Minor spoilers) As Whoopi puts it… “People be cray cray” and that statement holds true in a world where superheroes & villains have roamed around for decades. Now I never really watched the old The Tick show so I wasn’t really sure on what I’d be getting into. I knew the old one was kind […]

Red Oaks Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) Red Oaks is comedy series about a college kid who works as a tennis instructor during the summer in 1980’s New Jersey. It’s got a Caddyshack vibe only with less gophers, and a little less slapstick. It truly does the 80’s well, its got big hair, loud music, and plenty of drugs. It hilarious […]

The Problem With Comparing Horror Movies…

As I’ve been trying to compare horror movies to one another lately, I realized something: The problem with comparing horror movies is that there are so many different kinds of horror movie sub-genres, that each sub-genre has its own advantages and caveats.