Red Oaks Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free)
Red Oaks is comedy series about a college kid who works as a tennis instructor during the summer in 1980’s New Jersey. It’s got a Caddyshack vibe only with less gophers, and a little less slapstick. It truly does the 80’s well, its got big hair, loud music, and plenty of drugs. It hilarious and it’s got a great cast, not to mention Tom Papa and Steven Soderbergh as producers.

Throughout the series we follow Dave, played by Craig Roberts (who some of you may know as “Ass Juice” from Neighbors) as he moves up and down the social and political ladders at the Red Oaks country club. He gets into a love triangle or two, hangs out with some cooky pals, and goes on a series of adventures that almost never end in amateur pornography.

We also follow the some what turbulent relationship of his parents, played by Jennifer Grey AKA Dirty Dancing’s Baby from the corner, and Richard Kind also known as the voice of Bing Bong from Inside Out. They have a great dynamic that can be equally hilarious and depressing. The show also stars Paul Reiser and Josh Meyers, both funny and often menacing.

No news yet (I think) on when the next season of Red Oaks will pop up but for now you can stream the first season on Amazon. If you’re looking for a show with some solid laughs and a little bit of heart check out Red Oaks.

Red Oaks Season 1 gets… 4/5 Stars

If you like Red Oaks, or you also cried when Bing Bong sacrificed himself in Inside Out, please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading.

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