My Blind Brother

This Friday, Sept. 23rd, My Blind Brother comes out in theaters and on demand. I was lucky enough to be at the 2016 TriBeCa Film Festival where I managed to catch a screening of My Blind Brother, a movie about a guy who lives in his blind brothers shadow, and I loved it. Its an […]

Emmys 2016 Thoughts

I didn’t watch the Emmys. Not that I wouldn’t, just didn’t get to. Googled the results like many of you and obviously this is a kind of late to the party so I’m assuming everyone knows the results, I just wanted to say a few words. First of all congrats to Rami Malek. I love […]

Narcos (spoiler free) Season 2 Review

Tata, mi amor… Narcos Season 2 gets… 5/5 Stars Did you love Narcos season 2? Are you wondering what season 3 is going to be like? Are you wondering if this three word  review is too short to qualify as a review? Watch Narcos and leave a comment and thanks for reading. Photo Credit: Snagged […]

Top 8 South Park Episodes

(probably some spoilers) I’ve been watching South Park for years, I’ve been watching South Park ever since I was too young to be watching South Park. Probably like a lot of people. I love South Park and like many people I’m excited and decently shocked that tomorrow the 20th season of South Park premieres. 20 […]

Directors To Dig: Christopher Guest

Soon Netflix will be releasing Mascots. Another hilarious looking fake documentary from Christopher Guest, only this time we’ll be following a bunch of mascots and the mentally unsound individuals who inhabit the costumes. Once again we’ve got a great cast, a Christopher Guest trademark, some familiar Christopher Guest film faces and some fresh ones as […]