Top 8 South Park Episodes

(probably some spoilers)

I’ve been watching South Park for years, I’ve been watching South Park ever since I was too young to be watching South Park. Probably like a lot of people. I love South Park and like many people I’m excited and decently shocked that tomorrow the 20th season of South Park premieres. 20 seasons, that’s a lot of seasons. A lot of dogs don’t even live for 20 seasons (RIP Bill Pugman) but somehow South Park has lived, thrived, and grown up to be one of the most influential and funniest shows of all time. So in honor of the upcoming 20th season I wanted to put out my favorite episodes, I want to make clear these are my personal favorite which may not necessarily be the best, and I got it down to eight. So here are my top eight South Park episodes in no particular order…

Trapper Keeper – Season 4 Ep 13

I mean there’s a cyborg from the future named Bill Cosby who lurks around elementary schools so I mean, c’mon. We also get a Skynet-Dawson’s Creek trapper keeper which is just an undeniably amazing concept. Plus a solid 2001 Space Odyssey reference. All together Trapper Keeper is a great episode from the early years of South Park but ultimately there are far better episodes from the first four seasons, this just happens to be one of my favorites.

Butters’ Very Own Episode – Season 4 Ep 14

Everyone Knows its Butters! Poor Butters. Butters is one of my favorite characters and this is the very first time we get a full dose of the innocence, insanity, and really just terrible luck of Butters and his family. Basically Butters’ parents lose their minds and anybody who has seen the episode knows the details…which involve a gay bath house and an attempted murder that involving Butters floating down a river in a car and his parents forming some weird murderer book club with OJ Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey’s parents.

Douche and Turd – Season 8 Ep 8

No episode reflects on our current times better than Douche and Turd. An episode that asks an important question, whats the point of voting between a giant douche and a turd sandwich? This is one of the many South Park episodes that will be looked back on throughout the years and it will still be relevant. Giant Douche. Turd Sandwich. Murderous Puff Daddy and Llama-human hybrid babies.

Woodland Critter Christmas – Season 8 Ep 14

Woodland Critter Christmas might be one of the best christmas stories of all time. Satanic cute little talking woodland critters trying to get Stan to help them give birth to the antichrist, whats more christmasy than that? I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the little talking mountain lion cubs who learn to give abortions, a classic holiday trope. To top it all off it turns out to be anti-semitic christmas fan fiction written by Cartman. Another staple of South Park, Cartman’s anti-semitism. You’ve gotta love it.

Good Times With Weapons – Season 8 Ep 1

This episode is amazing for so many reasons, not only because its the amazing premiere of my all time favorite season, season 8, which you can probably tell from reading this article. All the boys get dangerous ninja weapons and a storm wild anime fantasy fighting sweeps the neighborhood of South Park which starts with glorious ninja battles and ends with Cartman flashing the entire town. Its another great Butters episode too, which includes a hefty dose of Professor Chaos and a weeping woozy ninja-star-in-the-eye Butters stumbling around South Park as the citizens proceed to not help him at all. Plus that ninja “lets fighting love” song is hilarious.

Quest for Ratings – Season 8 Ep 11

Another season eight episode and its the last time I’ll take from that season, I promise. Quest for Ratings has all the boys dressing up like the cast of Anchorman and the sight of them alone is funny but add on the fact that they all trip balls on cough medicine and you’ve got yourself an amazing episode. Another reason this episode is great is because it gives each of the kids a chance to shine, not just the four boys but Jimmy, Butters, and even Token. It’s a great episode that could easily make any top ten list.

Go God Go & Go God Go XII – Season 10 Eps 12 & 13

Go God Go parts 1 & 2(or twelve I guess) the epic saga of Cartman freezing in an avalanche and being woken up hundreds of years in the future to save all of humanity (and all of atheism I guess). But all Cartman wants is his Nintendo Wii and he’s gotta wait a long long time before he gets to play with one. We see Mrs. Garrison (who’s gone from Mr. to Mrs. and gay to straight to who knows what more times than any doctor would recommend) seducing Richard Dawkins. We get to see a futuristic war between atheist factions that include anthropomorphic sea otters who are willing to go to war over who has the better logic based faction acronym. It’s another great episode that will have a lasting social commentary for years to come. Plus we get to see Cartman whine about not getting to play Nintendo Wii, time traveling prank calls, and a verbally abused dog/cat/bird android.

Major Boobage – Season 12 Ep 3

Finally on the list we have Major Boobage. It’s undeniably cheese-tastic. Kenny gets addicted to huffing cat piss because its brings about hallucinations that happen to be an amazingly perfect violent and sexually explicit Heavy Metal homage. Although Randy puts it best when he says “You never get to see all of her boobs anyway” (or something like that). God bless you Randy Marsh. Or should I say Lorde? We also find out about Kyle’s dad’s former cat piss addiction that goes so deep he even has an old fashioned cat piss huffing rig that involves a film projector. Even small moments like a cat stuffed into a plastic bag in a sock drawer being found by Kyle’s parents like parents would stereotypically find drugs in their kids sock drawer, all add up to this being one of the best South Park episodes ever.

So there’s my list of the top 8 South Park episodes ever. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been many other episodes in the history of South Park that could be on a top eight or top ten list but these just happen to be some of my favorite, could change by the end of the 20th season. And I know I chose a lot of early episodes including four from season eight and I counted a two-parter as one, but screw you guys I’m going home.

Like South Park? Agree or disagree with my list? Excited for the 20th season? Feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole – PlayStation 4

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