Emmys 2016 Thoughts

I didn’t watch the Emmys. Not that I wouldn’t, just didn’t get to. Googled the results like many of you and obviously this is a kind of late to the party so I’m assuming everyone knows the results, I just wanted to say a few words.

First of all congrats to Rami Malek. I love Mr. Robot, say it with me. I love Mr. Robot. It feels good doesn’t it. He definitely deserves the praise for bringing to life an amazing character in an amazing show.

Tatiana Maslany won for her role(s) in Orphan Black. I’ve only seen the first season and this win is no surprise given how entertaining it is to watch Maslany pull off… I don’t know like a million different characters(more like four or seven)(spoilers).

Veep. Veep got a lot of love. Sadly its a show I haven’t seen(sorry guys) but everyone who I talk to says its one of the funniest shows out there. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won which is great to see, she’s a veteran of amazing comedy shows and its always good to see someone get some praise for constantly churning out amazing performances.

Game of Thrones. I mean c’mon. Its Game of Thrones. Did you see when Tommen peaced out like a punk bee-och (spoilers). Game of Thrones is clearly going to go down in history as one of the best shows of all time and one of the reasons hordes of babies across the globe will have weird names like Dan Air Ease.

Then we got a bunch of O.J Simpson winners. Sarah Paulsen, Courtney B. Vance(by the way when you hear a mans name is Courtney do you also immediately think of the guy with no genitals from Your Highness…I digress). O.J also won for best Limited Series and some other not as exciting but equally awesome wins. I haven’t seen O.J(except for that one time) but I hear it was incredible and I hear the cast was crazy which makes sense given they also won an Emmy for Casting.

Archer won for Best Animated Program. Sploosh. Thats great to hear as a long time Archer fan. I don’t think I would have ever even expected Archer to live as long as it did buts its grown into a fantastic, wild, intriguing and perplexing and always hilarious spy show that happens to be one of my favorite shows(animated or not). Archer is truly a show like no other and its great to see them win an Emmy.

Then there’s two Cinematography wins for two shows that I’m currently deeply into. Fargo won for Cinematography for a Limited Series and I just recently finished the second season of Fargo. I once again am late to the party. There’s just too many great shows out there to watch at once, clearly. But the second season was just fantastic don’t ya know. Truly though, fantastic, basically a giant homage to the Coen Brothers movies as a whole. And then The Man In The High Castle won for Best Cinematography in a Single Camera Series. The second season will be landing on Amazon soon and I can’t wait. It’s a weird, brutal, and beautiful show that has a knack for getting under your skin.

Oh and Louie Anderson who won for his role in FX’s Baskets as Zach Galifianakis’ Mom. Haven’t seen the show. Another one I have to add to the list. Heard it’s hilarious and I couldn’t imagine Louie Anderson acting as a rodeo clowns Mother would be less than hilarious.

Last but certainly not least I can’t forget one of my favorite actors who’s great in everything he does getting some Emmy love for his Supporting Role in the amazing Netflix Drama known as Bloodline(or perhaps a twisted Freaks and Geeks spinoff…nah wouldn’t make sense logistically or geographically) that’s right folks its Ben Mendelsohn, future Star Wars Rogue One BAMF.

Obviously there were a lot of other shows and people that won awards which were all well deserved, don’t get me wrong there were some really great wins like Jeffery Tambor from Transparent and even Childrens Hospital, these are just some of the shows I’m fond of as well as some of the winners that I happened to mention for one reason or another. Not that its a big deal anyways given that pretty much everyone with access to the internet probably already knows the results more or less.

If you loved or hated any of the results for the 2016 Emmys or if you are in fact Rami Malek and/or Christian Slater, feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from popnerdtv.com

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