Halloween Triple Feature Suggestion

Happy Halloween you ghosts, ghouls, and sadomasochistic taxidermists. If you’re looking to spend Halloween on the couch watching movies with candy, alcohol, food, friends or any combination these things, you’ve come to the right place. For Halloween we here at dusty DVD are proud to present our vampire themed Halloween Triple Feature Suggestion featuring Fright […]

The Nightmare – Review

(some spoilers) If you’re into documentaries but you’re still looking for a solid Halloween movie go to your local Netflix and rent The Nightmare. The Nightmare (2015) was directed by Rodney Ascher, who happens to be the director of Room 237, a documentary about obsessive people obsessing over theories surrounding the movie The Shining directed […]

Qyburn, The Luckiest Dude in Westeros

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, chances are if you’re reading this you’re also a fan. Tragically the new season probably isn’t coming out until summer of 2017. On top of the extended wait the last two seasons are supposed to be even shorter than usual maybe only 7 or 8 episodes, which seems […]

Double Feature Suggestion: Mississippi Grind & The Voices

Up until Deadpool a lot of people gave Ryan Reynolds heat for his movies every now and then (mostly for Green Lantern and Wolverine Episode I), but surprisingly few people realize that Ryan Reynolds isn’t afraid to get weird with his roles often resulting in interesting and memorable movies. Take Buried for example, the movie […]

Jon Benjamin Has a Van… Or does he?

You probably know H. Jon Benjamin (or his voice) from shows like Bob’s Burgers or Archer, both of which are hilarious Emmy winning animated shows. But the actual human H. Jon Benjamin had a show a few years back on Comedy Central called Jon Benjamin Has a Van. It was hilarious, often surreal, and frequently […]

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review

(semi-spoiler free) This weekend Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hit theaters like Tom Cruise hitting the treadmill. It’s been four years since the last (and first) Jack Reacher film came out and like many of you I was surprised we’d even be getting a Jack Reacher sequel, but I’m glad we did. Tom Cruise plays […]

Gary Oldman You Crazy

Gary Oldman is a crazy actor. He’s pretty much better than everyone… EVERYONE! Oldman (not to be confused with Oldboy, the remake of which probably would have done better with a little Gary Oldman) is a legendary actor who’s portrayed more iconic characters and colorful villains than damn near anyone out there. In my opinion […]

The Man In The High Castle

The Man in The High Castle is a superb Emmy winning science fiction drama series available to Amazon Prime subscribers (one of the many superb shows on Amazon). The second season it set to release December 19th of this year so its not too far away. Just recently some of the cast and show runners […]