Mission Impossible Movie Rankings

Say what you want about Tom Cruise but the man is a legend. He pushes himself to the limit all the time and shows a crazy amount of dedication. Plus his career is as outstanding as it is long, look at his roles in “Interview with a Vampire” and “Edge of Tomorrow”, two great movies with two great performances 20 years apart. Sure he’s a “crazy scientologist” whatever, who cares, good! He actually climbed that huge tower in Ghost Protocol just google it, and in Rogue he not only actually held onto a plane as it took off which you see in the opening, but he learned to hold his breath for like five to six minutes for the underwater scene. That’s crazy. That’s like Batman villain crazy. If scientology has pushed Tom Cruise to the point where he is literally jumping off of skyscrapers and potentially learning to adapt to aquatic life I am completely unsarcastically (kind of sarcastically) all for whatever it is Tom Cruise needs to keep himself cranked to 11 at all times.

Pretty soon we’ll be getting the new Jack Reacher movie, the first of which was not too bad and is available on Netflix, check out the trailer for the Jack Reacher sequel below…

It’ll probably be pretty awesome like everything Tom Cruise does. Perfect examples of Tom Cruise and his awesomeness are the Mission Impossible series. The fifth came out recently and it was arguably the best spy movie of the year, far surpassing James Bond’s Spectre, and pretty soon we’ll be getting a new Mission Impossible. The Mission Impossible series is not only a great show case for amazing action sequences and amazing Tom Cruise running shots but their also a showcase for different amazing directors to show the public what they got. So here’s my ranking of the five Mission Impossible films starting with my least favorite at number 5…

5. Mission Impossible 2: Directed by John Woo (the doves are a dead giveaway) and full of silly slo-mo action mellow-drama like many of his films, it serves as a decent if not accidentally humorous action movie thats ends up being the worst of the MI series… but who doesn’t like the mountain climbing opening which Tom Cruise actually kind of did (with safety stuff I think but still)…

4. Mission Impossible: The first in the MI series and directed by Brian De Palma in 1996, even with its over the top yet thrilling action sequences it remains one of the more reserved in the MI series (considering the motorcycle chicken scene in MI:2). But it’s a great movie and arguably has the best villain of the MI series (if not for MI:3) with John Voight (spoiler alert).

3. Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol: Now my top three are more or less tied up, but this happens to be the way they end up only winning by mere inches, and sorry cause I know many consider Ghost Protocol the best in series. Ghost Protocol is thrilling and action packed and it brings us back to the long hair Tom Cruise that we all missed from MI:2. I mean Tom Cruise climbs one of the tallest buildings in the world and his team is top notch featuring Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, and Jeremy Renner. Ghost Protocol is also the first live action feature from director Brad Bird of Incredibles. But I think the reason why it loses to the number two spot by like I said mere inches is that it lacks an solid villain which is why…

2. Mission Impossible 3: My number 2 spot has to go to MI:3. I think its just as thrilling and action packed (ridiculously action packed) as Ghost Protocol but it doesn’t really get as much spot light. It also happens to be directed by JJ Abrams the genius who directed the majestic film that is The Force Awakens (he also did Super 8 which I’m not that into but what evs). But where MI:3 excels beyond Ghost Protocol is in the villain. The late great Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the villain in MI:3 and he, like always, brings it like no other, giving the series probably the best villain it will ever have. We almost thought we lost Ethan Hunt to Phil Hoffman, but obviously you can’t just kill Ethan Hunt.

1. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: The fifth and most recent Mission Impossible sneaks by as the best in the series. Cruise is backed by a great crew that not only includes regulars Jeremy Renner and Simon Pigg but new comer and sexy double agent femme fatale Rebecca Ferguson. Rogue Nation also has some of the craziest action sequences within the wild MI series. As previously mentioned Tom Cruise literally held onto the side of an airplane as it went into the sky, but he didn’t just do that he went on a crazy motorcycle ride for what ended up being one of the coolest chase scenes in recent movie memory, and he held his Xenu-damn breath for like six minutes for that awesomely tense underwater scene. There’s no question, Rogue Nation is probably the best fifth movie in any series around, and the good news is that Christopher McQuarrie the director of Rogue Nation will be directing Mission Impossible 6 so I think it will end up being another exciting film in the Mission Impossible Series.

So there’s my ranking for the Mission Impossible movie series, if you rank any of the movies in the MI series differently or have some opinion towards the new Jack Reacher movie, or if you are in fact Tom Cruise, please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from forbes.com

Mission: Impossible – The 5 Movie Collection [Blu-ray]

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