The Man In The High Castle

The Man in The High Castle is a superb Emmy winning science fiction drama series available to Amazon Prime subscribers (one of the many superb shows on Amazon). The second season it set to release December 19th of this year so its not too far away. Just recently some of the cast and show runners had a panel going at the NYC Comic Con where they talked a little about the second season, basically acknowledging that things will be getting crazier this season, as things commonly do in alternate nazi time lines. Check out the trailer that was just released for season two below…

If you don’t know yet or you haven’t figured out even after watching the trailer, The Man in The High Castle takes place in an alternate history where the Allies lost WWII and America is occupied by nazis on the east coast and the Japanese Empire on the west coast, and the world is currently on the brink of WWIII. The show, which is based off of an equally weird but also amazing Philip K. Dick book, paints an unsettling portrait of what could have been. It’s truly disturbing to see a close to modern day(show takes place in the 1960’s) scene of nazi families picnicking in central park (among other common nazi leisure activities). Man in The High Castle gets under your skin better than any of the “horror” shows currently out there (and I’m a fan of a few), and its always good to see a bigger budget sci-fi show thats actually really good (there are too few quality sci-fi shows currently running).

In the second season I think the show will get a little more alternate universe-ish on our asses, which could be a great thing. It also looks like all of our characters, good and bad, will be pushed further down dubious paths of danger. So if you haven’t watched The Man in The High Castle yet you’ve got plenty of time before the next season to binge the first. Its a great show that falls under many genre’s like thriller, sci-fi, adventure, drama, romance, I truly think this is a show that can and should be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone (not necessarily for the faint of heart)…

Let us know what you think about The Man in The High Castle and thanks for reading

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Man In the High Castle Episode 1

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