Jon Benjamin Has a Van… Or does he?

You probably know H. Jon Benjamin (or his voice) from shows like Bob’s Burgers or Archer, both of which are hilarious Emmy winning animated shows. But the actual human H. Jon Benjamin had a show a few years back on Comedy Central called Jon Benjamin Has a Van. It was hilarious, often surreal, and frequently dark when we followed around Jon and his camera crew on their adventures traveling across the country in their van. There were some weird skits and pranks thrown in for good measure too. Check out this clip from the show…

Created by Jon Benjamin and Leo Allen, Jon Benjamin Has a Van was incredibly funny but its possible its humor was just too weird for Comedy Central way back then in 2011, and it had a huge roster of hilarious stars and guests that included Tim & Eric, Bob Odenkirk, Nathan Fielder, Jon Glaser, and of course Benjamin and Allen the creators. Personally I think the show seemed perfect for adult swim. Jon Benjamin Has a Van was either brilliant or terrible depending on who you ask so I really have no clue why they never had a second season… Either way I really wish we got a few more episodes. It’d be great to see the show come back somehow, even if it got picked up and continued by a different network or streaming service… (does anyone have Seeso, if you do let us know how it is)

Right now you can probably find episodes of Jon Benjamin Has a Van on Amazon (although you might have to pay) or directly through Comedy Central. So if you like weird stuff thats funny, or Bob’s Burgers/Archer, do some digging and see if you can find Jon Benjamin Has a Van.

If you’re H. Jon Benjamin, or if you have a van, please leave a comment, and thank you for reading.

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