Qyburn, The Luckiest Dude in Westeros

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, chances are if you’re reading this you’re also a fan. Tragically the new season probably isn’t coming out until summer of 2017. On top of the extended wait the last two seasons are supposed to be even shorter than usual maybe only 7 or 8 episodes, which seems bad but hopefully it only means that each episode will have to blow us away like last seasons finally. Until then there’s nothing to do other than re-watch old episodes and make wild speculations about whats to come. What I have to say is more of an observation rather than a speculation but either way, in my humble opinion Qyburn may be the luckiest man in all of Westeros & even Essos. Let me explain…

Qyburn was found by Stark soldiers (pretty sure) practically on the edge of death, got brought back from the brink of death, ended up doing plastic surgery on Jamie Lannister which in turn brought him all the way to the Red Keep, and through a series of sneaky tactics and impressive science/magic he ends up at the top tier of the whole kingdom. So upon first meeting Qyburn he’s an old dude covered in blood and not too long after that he’s got free reign of King’s Landing to go Doctor Frankenstein on everyone’s ass.

Let’s talk about him going Frankenstein on everyone’s ass. How lucky is it that a creepy old dude with a corpse fetish and a fascination for Mary Shelley novels finds himself a place at the side of a Queen crazy enough to be okay with undead tomfoolery. Currently Qyburn happens to be the right hand man of a totally unstable Queen (shout out to Cersei) who puts every desperate housewife to shame with her excess alcoholism, incest, and murder. All the royal family has pretty much been capped. The only person who “rules” is a lady who depends on creepy old Qyburn and his Frankenstein Mountain monster, ultimately making Qyburn the true shot caller in Westeros.

Most old guys want to just sit on a porch and whittle, not Qyburn, he wants to play with your insides and create zombie slave warriors, and luckily for Qyburn he gets to. Just about everyone in Game of Thrones gets the short end of the stick, they end up without their genitals or without their family, no one in Game of Thrones gets whats they want, except for Qyburn, and thats why Qyburn is the luckiest dude in Westeros.

Do you miss Game of Thrones? Do you have any crazy Qyburn theories? Let us know, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from HBO.com

George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set (Song of Ice and Fire series): A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons

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