Halloween Triple Feature Suggestion

Happy Halloween you ghosts, ghouls, and sadomasochistic taxidermists. If you’re looking to spend Halloween on the couch watching movies with candy, alcohol, food, friends or any combination these things, you’ve come to the right place. For Halloween we here at dusty DVD are proud to present our vampire themed Halloween Triple Feature Suggestion featuring Fright Night, Interview With the Vampire, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. These three movies are perfect for a Halloween binge-fest and they’re quite possibly three of the best vampire movies you’ll be able to find and on top of that they each have an amazing cast.

Fright Night (2011 not to be confused with the original) stars Anton Yelchin (a much loved actor here at dusty DVD), Colin Farrell, and Imogen Poots, as well as David Tennant, Toni Collette, Dave Franco, and even McLovin. Like I said, amazing cast. Anton Yelchin plays a high school kid and Colin Farrell (who has some great one liners) plays the vampire who moves in next door and tries to eat/bang his mom and girlfriend. Its an above average horror comedy thats criminally underrated. Its the perfect Halloween flick.

Interview With the Vampire (1994) also has an amazing cast that includes but is not limited to Tom Cruise (another favorite here at dusty DVD in arguably one of his best roles), Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, and even Christian “I don’t wanna play chess anymore Craig Robinson” Slater. It’s a classic and probably my favorite vampire movie. It chronicles hundreds of years in the lives of a couple of vampires and just like humans they also have to traverse metaphorical hurdles, but unlike humans these metaphorical hurdles include immortality and lots and lots of sunscreen.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) AKA Bram Stoker’s Francis Ford Coppola’s Gary Oldman’s Dracula. I say “Gary Oldman’s” because Gary Oldman basically steals the show. Bram Stoker’s Dracula or BSFFCGO’s Dracula stars Gary Oldman (yet another favorite here at dusty DVD), Anthony Hopkins, Keanu “You killed my dog prepare to die” Reeves, Winona Ryder, and even Tom Waits and those are just the names I can remember. As I said before, each of these flicks has an amazing if not amazingly peculiar cast. BSFFCGO’s Dracula is a very whimsical and violent Dracula tale filled with tons of mellow drama, victorian English lingo, and tons of great old school effects. Plus Keanu Reeves will no doubt make you laugh with just about everything he says, but we forgive you Keanu, and we can’t wait for John Wick 2. Also, Gary Oldman is awesome as always as the legendary shape shifting old but young hideous but handsome Dracula. Oh and there’s a bunch of scenes with partially nude women having sex with lycanthrope things, so thats always good for Halloween family fun.

Halloween is a great holiday, good for the young and the old, and the adventurous and the lazy. So if you’re looking to binge away Halloween with some great movies go ahead and tackle our vampire themed Halloween Triple Feature Suggestion featuring Fright Night, Interview With the Vampire, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

If you’ve got a favorite movie you like to watch on Halloween let us know, Happy Halloween and thanks for reading.

Photo Credit: Snagged from avclub.com

Fright Night

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