The Walking Dead: Our Loosely Thought Out Plan for Waging War Against Negan

(Caution: may be lengthy and rambling)

Pretty much everyone unanimously agrees that The Walking Dead season premiere went ALL in, probably cementing itself as one of the best if not most memorable and no doubt most disturbing episodes of the series (or any series for that matter). But the second episode…. eh, it was okay, I think its got the people divided, obviously no one can deny the tiger was cool. I understand they had to show us what was going on with Carol and Morgan, theres a lot of characters in this show, I get it. But all we’re thinking about is what the hell the “Rickpublic’s” going to do. From the looks of next episode’s preview it seems like Rick is going to bend over and take whatever Negan decides to give him.

But what if he didn’t, what if Rick went ALL out just to hurt Negan’s group even if it meant the complete destruction of his own? He would need a solid plan and lucky for Rick dusty DVD did some planning for him. Just to be clear I have not read the comics I don’t know whats going to happen in the future for the show or the comics, this is just an average everyday personal plan for vengeful guerrilla warfare that will most likely end in the death of a lot of or all of the Alexandrians. Here is our loose outline for a plan to wage war against Negan, you’re welcome Rick.

To start lets list off the people in Rick’s group that would be taking part in this “resistance”

1. Rick

2. Carl

3. Michonne

4.Eugene (only if he was inspired by Abrahams death, so maybe)


6. Sasha

7. Aaron

8. Maggie

9. Father Gabriel

10. Tara (this is a maybe/probably)

11. Enid (also a maybe/probably not)

12. Spencer (Deana’s son, pretty sure he’s alive)

13. Jesus (lets say he’s the only one from Hilltop that joins)

That’s 13 people give or take if no other Alexandrians of Hilltops help out. Also let’s just say for the sake of argument that they don’t meet back up with Morgan or Carol or anyone from the Kingdom in time, receiving no help. This plan is just the “Ricktatorship” on it’s own (at least for the start of the revolt).

One of the main reasons Rick can’t fight back is because Negan has Daryl, so for him to actually go ALL out he has to give Daryl up for dead, doing whatever he needs to do regardless of what happens to Daryl. I know that sucks but I think Daryl would understand, he’s pretty cool like that.


Rick would also need to show absolute loyalty to Negan providing him with whatever he wanted, basically sucking up to him and acting like a total punk-ass. Rick would also have to try bargaining for Daryl, offering anything, making it seem like Rick hasn’t given up on Daryl, if he gets Daryl back thats great but chances are he won’t. All the while Rick and friends will be planning in the shadows, taking notice and keeping track of Negan’s pick up runs.

As we saw from last week Negan does not go on pick up runs himself, and from the looks of it there was definitely less than ten of Negan’s crew at the pickup, maybe five or six I don’t remember feel free to google it. But the point is Rick would go through several pick ups, acting subservient but planning from the shadows, like most of the dudes in V-neck shirts you see at nightclubs.

Another key element to this plan is a saboteur scout. Someone needs to track and spy on Negan’s group (normally this would be Daryl), hopefully following them back to their encampment, obviously mapping out the perimeter of their encampment and doing all the jungle guerrilla stalker spy bologna that he/she would need to do. This person would have to be smart, swift, and tough, someone who’s used to stealthy activities, and above all they couldn’t get themselves caught. I think it’s obvious that it has to be Michonne. She’d probably have to stay out in the woods for days at a time, risk getting caught by zombies or Negan’s fellas, but if anyone can pull it off its the best samurai in post-apocalyptic Virginia.

On the day they decide to revolt, they wait for the next pickup and Rick sets up some snipers in some windows of the houses within their complex, and if the pickup doesn’t happen at Alexandria then the snipers go to wherever they meet. Rick, along with whoever he’s with draw on Negan’s boys and the snipers help finish them off. Rick and his guys retreat to Alexandria. Negan will obviously figure out what happened when his goons don’t return, Daryl will be killed or worse, and Negan will get ready to retaliate. But…

There’s really only two ways to can hurt Negan with such low numbers in Rick’s group. Fire and Walkers.

During Rick’s first move on the decided day of the revolt, Michonne would bring a bag full of something like Molotov cocktails, something very destructive and easy to make, light off a bunch of them and toss them over the walls into Negan’s camp. Even if it doesn’t do too much damage it’ll throw Negan off and he’s already going to know whats up when his squad doesn’t return. She’d then retreat into the woods and begin stage two. Stage two is simple, Michonne would walk around, possibly for a day or more, slowly gathering up a horde of walkers that would follow her around until she ultimately leads that horde right to Negan. Basically Michonne’s job during this whole revolt would be to lurk in the woods and pester Negan’s base with walkers and fires.

During Rick’s planning/subservience and Michonne’s stalking/spying, before the actual revolt, the group would stock one of the house in Alexandria with tons of walkers, tons of them. I don’t know how they would do this but they could figure it out. They fill a random house in Alexandria with walkers, when Negan comes and invades Alexandria, they open up the house and close the Alexandrian wall from the outside and let Negan’s group fight the walkers while shooters from the windows of the other houses pick off bad guys. They either come out alive and secure up Alexandria and prepare to do it all over again, or they burn Alexandria down in a walker ridden shootout. Either way Rick and his “tatorship” don’t end up going out like punk-asses.

Hopefully by this time they would inspire more of the Hilltop people to join in the revolt, or meet up with Morgan and/or Shiva, or hopefully make Negan reconsider his tactics all together. In reality this is a totally vague plan that probably has many flaws and is purely focused on revenge and hurting Negan’s group even if it means ending everyone else in the process. It’s probably not the best plan, but it’s here if you need it Rick.

I’m excited to see what Rick & Co. are going to do about the situation they’re trapped in. Hopefully they won’t bend so easily, I know Maggie is pissed and I’m pretty sure Sasha is too.

If you have a plan for the gang to get at Negan, let us know, although no comic spoilers people, and thanks for reading.

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