Goliath Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free)

For many people, Stranger Things was the perfect series. It wasn’t too long with only eight episodes, it was tight, mysterious, and at times jaw dropping, and the first season wrapped up almost perfectly, calling into question whether there should even be a second season. In many ways this is exactly why I love Goliath, Amazon’s new series starring Billy Bob Thornton. Which, in a way could be Amazon’s rebuttal to Stranger Things, only instead of science fiction it revolves around devious lawyers and corporate espionage/corruption.

Goliath blew me away, who would have thought Bad Santa practicing law would be so addictively captivating. Check out the trailer…

Looks pretty sweet right? Goliath is by far one of the best new shows out there. As you can probably tell from the trailer, Goliath is about a washed up drunken lawyer named Billy McBride (Billy Bob) who was once a rock star attorney. He gets involved in case that develops into a dangerous and mysterious situation filled with dangerous and mysterious characters. Goliath is a near perfect series that will have you absolutely hooked two episodes in, and most likely annoying the shit out of your neighbors in the adjacent apartments when you end up screaming at your laptop in shock and awe, which is guaranteed.

Goliath also has an amazing cast. Billy Bob, Maria Bello, William Hurt (as basically the perfect Bond Villain who unfortunately became a lawyer), Olivia “Don’t fuck with me I was in Dredd” Thirlby, Nina Arianda (Billy Bob’s hilarious and lovably reluctant sidekick), Tania Raymonde (who I remember from Malcolm in The Middle which is weird given her role here…), Molly Parker (of House o’ Cards), and Mother F-ing Dwight Yoakam. There’s others but I just gave you a solid plethora of amazing actors who each get their chance to shine in their roles.

Goliath is unpredictable and shocking and it wraps up in such a satisfying way that show lovers rarely end up getting. Honestly I thought it wrapped up all the loose ends perfectly (with the exception of maybe one or two smaller ones). I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a second season, and I’m not sure if they even should or what they’d even do. Goliath Season 1 was a perfect show from start to finish, a show that makes lawyers, court battles, and depositions, more exciting than a zombie apocalypse. But to be clear, I’ll watch Season 2 if or when it comes out without a doubt. If you have Amazon Prime you should be watching Goliath, it’s an amazing show, and at the very least next time you’re getting arrested for assaulting/harassing your neighbors in the adjacent apartments you’ll have some better law-talk to smooth away the situation.

Goliath Season 1 gets… 5/5 stars

If you liked Goliath, or your lawyer is super drunk or in fact Billy Bob Thornton, please feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading.

Photo Credit: Snagged from yourtvlink.com

Goliath – Amazon Prime

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