The Walking Dead: So, Our Plan to Fight Negan Sucked

If you’ve been watching The Walking Dead and if you read our plan to wage a suicidal guerrilla war against Negan and his goons, you’d know that our plan most likely sucks and would have probably totally failed. Maybe some of Negan’s goons or maybe Negan could have gotten got, but probably not. Here’s our “plan” from a few weeks back…

So yeah… probably wouldn’t have gone well. But whatever its the apocalypse and there’s no internet so there’s no reason not to go cray.

And speaking of the most recent Walking Dead episode, what’s with Jesus constantly saying he’s not a leader then round house kicking zombies heads off like a kung fu master, also your name is Jesus (metaphors).

Regardless, this season has been going pretty swell. If you think smashed heads and pet tigers are swell, which you obviously do.

If you think our plan sucked, which you obviously do, please leave a comment, and thanks for reading.

Photo Credit: Snagged from

Funko POP Television: The Walking Dead – Jesus Action Figure

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