Rogue One Prediction Results

Before I begin I feel I should address something. A few days ago Carrie Fisher unexpectedly and tragically passed away at the age of 60. But she still lives on through her work, through her iconic character Princess Leia, and her many other roles and works. I thought she was hilarious in the Amazon show […]

Shut Eye Episode 1 Review

(spoiler free) Last week Shut Eye came out on Hulu, so I figured I would check out the first episode. I didn’t know too much going in to it other than the fact that it starred Jeffrey Donovan (of Burn Notice, Fargo, and that dope-ass scene on the highway in Sicario) and the show ended […]

Top 5 Replacements for Donald Trump on SNL

Donald Trump claims he doesn’t approve of Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on SNL. But who can replace Alec Baldwin as “The Donald”? Alec Baldwin? Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock? Baldwin is a legend whose career hasn’t slowed down one bit. If someone else were to play “The Donald” they’d have to fill some pretty […]

Wait, what? Woah… Westworld Season 1 Review

(Spoilers) Wow. Just wow. I don’t care what anybody says, sure the logistics of the actual park are half assed at best, and yes we all saw the McPoyle/Man in Black twist coming #WWEHD (what would Ed Harris do). But whatever, I’m still not even sure if the park is on planet earth so I […]