Black Sails Season 4

I’m always a little late to the Black Sails party being that I don’t really get Starz, I’ve gotta buy the DVD’s when they come out (I will most likely be buying the season 4 episodes as they come up on iTunes). But I recently finished Black Sails Season 3 and I think it just nudged it’s way into my list of all time favorite shows, among masterpieces like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Black Sails is one of the most exciting shows you’ll ever see and it makes any Pirates of the Caribbean movie look way more Disney than pirate. Season 3 ended in a jaw dropping triumphant blast and I cannot wait for Season 4, here’s the trailer… (Oh, maybe don’t watch the trailer if you don’t want to see spoilers for earlier seasons…)

Black Sails puts any current popular show out there to shame. Shows like The Walking Dead don’t hold a candle to the graphic naval combat mixed with graphic pirate saloon orgies. Black Sails may also be the best thing Michael Bay has ever and will ever grace the earth with. Do you hear me Michael Bay? Don’t waste your time with more Transformer movies, produce more shows like Black Sails. And if you’re saying “well maybe he needs to make more Transformer movies in order to get the money to make awesome shows like Black Sails” thats fucking bologna. Everyone knows Bad Bays II made enough money to fund an infinite number of big budget projects.

In any case the upcoming season of Black Sails is going to be amazing because Black Sails is amazing and of course it will be sad to see it go being that this is the fourth and final season, but I’m positive it will end on an extremely high note. Catch up on Black Sails on demand or on DVD and look for Black Sails Season 4 in January 2017 only on Starz.

Do you love Black Sails? Do you love Bad Boy II? Feel free to let us know, and thanks for reading…

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Black Sails: Season 1

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