Double Feature Suggestion: Super & The Incredibles

Theaters and TV screens are flooded with all sorts of superhero films. Some are good like Dr. Strange, and some are bad like Suicide Squad, we don’t care about your daughter’s education Deadshot?! Most are from the two comic book movie studio powerhouses Marvel and DC, AKA Disney and Warner Brahs.But obviously there are a few gems hidden in the crowd of blockbusters, and two of those gems are the main focus of todays Double Feature Suggestion, featuring Super & The Incredibles, two fantastic superhero movies that each exist outside the realm of Marvel and DC.

Super, directed by James Gunn of Guardians of The F-ing Galaxy, is an underrated and unknown movie that is filled with sequences of surprisingly brutal violence and moments that will warm the coldest of hearts. Super stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Goddamn Bacon, and of course Yondu (sans blue Guardians makeup). Super redefines the “realistic” superhero film. So to anyone waiting for Guardians of The Galaxy 2, which is probably the whole galaxy, check out Super in the meantime. Maybe don’t let your kids watch it. Nah, on second thought it’s probably fine for kids.

The Incredibles, directed by Brad Bird, is definitely a superhero movie that is fine for your kids (has way less sex scenes than Super). The Incredibles isn’t just another amazing film within the Pixar film roster, in my opinion it is without question the best Pixar movie ever made. Being the best Pixar movie, it goes without saying that it truly is one of the best superhero films of all time. The Incredibles has a great cast, thrilling action sequences, and interesting and memorable heroes. Most importantly it has what many superhero films today do not, a good villain. The Incredibles will always be one of my favorite films, its a pinnacle in the genres of animation and superheroes and it may be the best Pixar film of all time. Let’s not forget The Incredibles 2 is nearly upon us…

The superhero genre is getting old, people can feel it, I can feel it, you can feel it, Zach Snyder can feel it…(don’t mess up Justice League Zach). Now more than ever we must focus on the movies that prove the superhero genre deserves to stalk the streets. So if you’re looking to kill some time check out our Double Feature Suggestion featuring Super & The Incredibles.

Do you love Super and/or The Incredibles? What’s your favorite Pixar movie? What the fuck Zach? Feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for reading…

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Super – Amazon Rental

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