Mr. Robot: Shaping Up for an Awesome Season 3

So is there a greater mind-fuck on Cable TV than Mr. Robot? Let me answer that for you — aside from The Big Bang Theory still being on the air entering their 9th season, no,there isn’t a greater mind-fuck. Mr. Robot is the series USA network has been waiting for all these years. Twists and turns, drugs and sex, Joey BadA$$ and Craig Robinson?! Need I say more? And don’t counter with, “Well what about Suits”? Suits is decent, but never made me say Holy Shit at the end of an episode. The only time I say Holy Shit at the end of Suits is, “Holy Shit. Mr. Robot is about to start”.

Seasons 1 and 2 both trumped expectations and comparisons to the series’ influence — Fight Club. In unique scenes and imagery like the Full House parody, and bedroom scene in Season 2 Episode 10, Esmail is puttin his own spin on Fight Club, and the Drama genre, and honestly, its working pretty well in most cases. I really admire his the way he’s built the plot even with the uncertainty if USA was going to give the OK for a 3rd season midway through shooting the 2nd season. In a recent interview, Esmail exclaimed this show can’t be more than 5 Seasons and each Season will cover a different sub-plot. The First season covered the basis and foundation of Mr. Robot. The Second season, according to Esmail covered the internal struggle Elliot has with his newfound Buddy, Mr. Robot. I expect the Third season to cover more of his Alter-Ego with more focus on Phase I, II, and III.

Sam Esmail knows what he’s doing, and I will surely follow his future productions. He’s a great writer. He even successfully made a Plug-In work with the storyline with the Amazon Echo unlike in Ray Donovan when his wife plugs for Uber. She has the worst Boston accent since Tom Hanks in Catch Me If You Can. Im serious. YouTube it. “Cawl an Ubah! They droive safe cahs!” She should be in prison with Hilary Clint.. ANYWAY! Yeah. Season Three is going to be awesome. By the way, Sam Esmail’s wife is hot.

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Mr. Robot: Season 1 (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD)

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