Wait, what? Woah… Westworld Season 1 Review


Wow. Just wow. I don’t care what anybody says, sure the logistics of the actual park are half assed at best, and yes we all saw the McPoyle/Man in Black twist coming #WWEHD (what would Ed Harris do). But whatever, I’m still not even sure if the park is on planet earth so I don’t give a darn about the actual logistics, and of course we saw the twist coming we all have the internet so GTFOOH (get the fuck outa of here). Westworld Season 1 was a jaw dropping. It was a brutal, deceptive, mind bending story that pulled on all the right emotional strings (for me at least). Everything wasn’t just great, it was intriguing, puzzling, and ultimately it was amazing.

The music. I mean damn. Who would have thought simple “old timey” piano covers would be so great. If the soundtrack for the series comes out, if it already hasn’t, it’s going to sell hard, like hot cakes hard. Not to mention the theme music and the overall score. Everything about Westworld convinced you that you were truly watching another world, a familiar yet foreign world, and at the same time the show told you so little about the world it took place in. When is it? Where is it? Whats going on in America? Is there even an America? Has a middle aged Justin Bieber died in a Man on Fire scenario where he unfortunately doesn’t have a Denzel? What the fuck is going on in this show? I don’t know. I only know two things. I love Westworld and Ed Harris shouldn’t babysit.

Every character was compelling. Even seemingly minor and side characters like Hector the gunslinging saloon robber ended up being fantastic. And Armistice (snake lady), holy hell, that post-credit scene with her going 127 Hours on her own ass then most likely eating those SWAT security guys like a lioness before cutting to black had me so pumped. Maeve and Cyclops ended up doing things that I would have never expected from the beginning of the season, and what the hell is Maeve going to do now? I mean, slit more throats probably. Dolores blasting Tony Hopkins’ face-off blasted my face off metaphorically speaking. Dolores’ dynamic with not only The Man in Black but Bernard/Arnold also blew me away, the twists and turns and the clues and the final reveals, I loved it all. Bernard… okay so I didn’t see the “him being a host” reveal coming. In all honesty I thought Theresa was going to end up being a host during the first couple of episodes. I was even rooting for the corporate security tough guy (you guys know who I’m talking about) during the end. What the hells going on with him? Probably some Bone Tomahawk related antics.

I’m definitely forgetting to mention so many great and important characters but the point is Westworld is amazing for many reasons, one of those being its a show that is overflowing with captivating and complex characters.

Westworld started with a bang with its masterful premiere and it kept the bangs rolling until its finale (#WWEHD). Westworld gave its audience two breathtaking worlds. A gritty unforgiving old west, reminiscent of old stories and loved movies. And a mysterious science fiction setting where the inner workings and technological capacity of not just the park but society itself are only slowly revealed to us if they’re even revealed at all. The blending of two different genre atmospheres mixed with the flawless cinematography make Westworld an unforgettable and unmistakable show.

Tony Hopkins being dead (is he though…) means major things for next season. The entire last episode means major things for the next season. Samurai World… GTFOOH.

Westworld Season 1 gets 5/5 Stars…

What did you think of Westworld? Do you also think Tony Hopkins is awesome (The Edge!)? Do you also love or even know what Frisky Dingo is? Let us know, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from hbo.com

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