Top 5 Replacements for Donald Trump on SNL

Donald Trump claims he doesn’t approve of Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on SNL. But who can replace Alec Baldwin as “The Donald”? Alec Baldwin? Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock? Baldwin is a legend whose career hasn’t slowed down one bit. If someone else were to play “The Donald” they’d have to fill some pretty big shoes and some pretty tiny gloves. Here are my top 5 best Replacements for Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

1. Rosie O’Donnel

“Only Rosie O’Donnel” — The famous response to his use of derogatory terms for women like pigs, slobs, etc. They have been at each other for decades and I think Donald Trump would declare war on SNL if Rosie played Trump. Not that she would be good, but I would want to see what Trump would do or call her parody of The Donald.

2. Louie Anderson

If Trump weren’t a cartoon character already, the whiny voice and exaggerated features of Louie Anderson could and  would be my favorite Trump parody to look at every Saturday night. I wouldn’t be able to take a stern Louie Anderson seriously, which is why he’s a great option for the Donald Trump character.

3. Gary Busey

I wouldn’t even tell Gary Busey he was impersonating Trump. Just put a suit on him, tan his face and say, “You’re the President of the United States Now. Go”. His incoherent and subjective rants would without a doubt parallel with some things Trump has said in past Debates and tweets. They’re both crazy and look like they haven’t slept in 3 years.

4. Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban would be a total dick in his Donald Trump role, and the rise he would get out of Trump would be better than the sketch. The twitter battle between the two would be better entertainment that the rest of SNL after the opening monologues. As spiteful as Cuban is, he would go all out, take some acting lessons and nail his role as Trump. Out of pure spite and hatred. I love it.

5.Chris Farley

Bit of a reach, but hear me out. We need to revive Chris Farley and have him impersonate Donald Trump’s outlandish personality. Farley’s exaggerated outbursts of “The Wall” and built up explosion triggered by the word “Hilary Clinton” would without a doubt make Mr. Trump upset. I can already see his bright red road rage face produce the perfect Donald Trump hair with a 110mph head nod.

Oh ok. I see you on the other end! You think you’re better than me? If you think someone can play Trump better than my Top 5 write it below right now. And If you say Amy Schumer I will send you a hand written letter on how wrong you are.

Photo Credit: Snagged from

Saturday Night Live (SNL) The Best of Chris Farley

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