2017 Academy Awards Predictions

The 2017 Academy Awards is right around the corner and the list of nominations is out all over the inter-webs. Unsurprisingly, “La La Land” has tied for most Oscar nominations ever, and if you read our review you know we here at dustydvd loved La La Land and we wouldn’t be surprised if it swept the […]

XXX: The Return of Early 2000’s Illogical Action Movies 

Over these past few years I’ve learned that when it comes to movies anything is possible. I saw The Raid: Redemption in theaters and everyone stood up multiple times to clap and it puts any blockbuster to shame. Anything is possible. I’ve seen Keanu Reeves shoot roughly 5,000 men point blank in the face in […]

La La Land Review

(Spoiler Free) From the very moment La La Land started a huge smile hit my face and it rarely left. La La Land is funny, charming, surreal, and it absolutely has my vote for best movie of the year (although I haven’t really seen any other “contenders” other than Deadpool which I loved and was […]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Sunniest Episodes

Tonight at 10pm the 12th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres on FXX. Coming from someone who’s been watching since the first season aired on FX, I never would have thought this show would have lived so long and I couldn’t be happier that there’s apparently going to be at least 2 more […]