It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Sunniest Episodes

Tonight at 10pm the 12th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres on FXX. Coming from someone who’s been watching since the first season aired on FX, I never would have thought this show would have lived so long and I couldn’t be happier that there’s apparently going to be at least 2 more seasons. Fans have watched It’s Always Sunny and it’s lovable gang of characters grow into the sociopaths we know and love today, but they’ve always stayed Sunny after all these years. With over 100 episodes making a top episodes list would be quite a challenge, so here are my personal favorite episodes from each season, check it out and let us know your favorites…

Season 1 – Charlie Wants an Abortion – In Charlie Wants an Abortion, only the second episode ever, we’re introduced to the strong religious beliefs that define Mac’s hilarious “relationship” with god. We also get a taste of the lengths Charlie will go to impress the waitress.

Season 2 – The Gang Runs For Office – Charlie’s illiteracy, Dee being a sloppy mess, the gang completely dividing and turning on each, this episode has all the classic Sunny traits.

Season 3 – The Gang Gets Whacked Parts 1 & 2 – Over its many episodes everyone in the gang has been abusing and been addicted to all sorts of drugs and household products. Here we get to see Charlie and Dee do a ton of cocaine/flour and we get to see the early phases of the tragic arc of Rickety Cricket. Who can forget Mac’s failed attempt to merge with the sweatsuit wearing gangsters he looks up to so dearly. Plus Dennis and Frank living out their twisted Harvey Keitel/Jodie Foster Taxi Driver dynamic… great stuff.

Season 4 – The Nightman Cometh – A mesmerization and enlightening episode that stirs up more questions than it answers involving Charlie’s history with a nightman who may or may not have snuck into his room during the middle of the night.

Season 5 – The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention – A classic episode where the gang uses interventions for abusive berating and they even invent the popular wine in a can trend. Frank spirals into chaos and really truly never comes back, getting crazier and crazier as the seasons go on… poor Gail the Snail, so disgusting yet so misunderstood… I believe its also the episode where we first hear of the game “Night Crawlers”.

Season 6 – Charlie Kelly: King of The Rats – Any true fan knows that Charlie Kelly has lived a hard life, and he deserves a nice enjoyable birthday like anyone else. His friends knew that and they tried to throw him a party, but Frank just uses it as an opportunity to have a strange techno luau pig roast. Luckily Charlie’s friends come through with a lovely new Rat Stick and some quality denim chicken.

Season 7 – The Gang Goes to The Jersey Shore – Dennis and Dee get to relive their cherished childhood memories and head down to the magical Jersey Shore, a place filled with homeless men, angel dust, and murder. Season 7 is the season where Mac gets fat, a hilarious season long arc, and here we get to see Mac thrive in a steroid induced muscular atmosphere. Charlie even gets to have a moment with the Waitress, a moment that only gets soiled when its revealed she was tripping on ecstasy the whole time.

Season 8 – The Gang Gets Analyzed – Each character has a moment to shine and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in fact all out of their minds. Out of all the craziness expressed from our Sunny gang it’s surprisingly Dennis that comes off the craziest when he brings the therapist full dossiers on everyone in the gang.

Season 9 – The Gang Saves The Day – Another episode where everyone in the gang gets their chance to shine, only here they get to live out their twisted fantasies, fantasies that highlight the defining aspects of the characters we’ve known for so many years. Dee’s fantasy of revenge and fame. Mac’s marital arts movie madness nightmare. Franks selfish hotdog binge. Dennis’ illogical twisted pseudo-sexual fantasy. And of course Charlie’s childlike pixar daydream that’s actually surprising touching.

Season 10 – Charlie Work – An amazing/unique one shot episode that proves no one has more work ethic than Charlie Kelly. But in a way its just like any other episode, ending with Dee falling off a broken stool and being laughed at by everyone else.

Season 11 – The Gang Hits The Slopes – A one of a kind hilarious episode where the gang lets loose in a wild no rules ski resort reminiscent of countless 80’s movies. Charlie surely gets an STD, Dennis becomes the stereotypical 80’s movie villain and surely breaks both of his ankles, and Frank schemes his ass off. Yet another truly unique Sunny episode that remains true to the Sunny formula.

As far as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has come it hasn’t lost it’s edge and it’s always stuck to its roots. Roots that are over ten years old, strong roots, and even though the gang has evolved into wild selfish animals they’ve always remained true to themselves. Dee’s a Bird, Dennis is a sexual predator, Mac is confused, Charlie is an illiterate savant, and Frank is… Frank. It will always be Sunny in Philadelphia.

Those were our favorite episodes for each season, let us know your favorites, and watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tonight at 10pm on FXX. While you wait why not watch the 11th season, it just popped up on Netflix. Thanks for reading…

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