Legion Series Premiere Review

(Minor Spoilers) “Why are the hot one’s always so crazy?” is a question Aubrey Plaza’s character asks during the premiere episode of Legion, a question that has no doubt plagued us all… If you saw the series premiere of Legion on FX from Fargo series creator Noah Hawley then, like myself, you were also rocking […]

Short Film Showcase: Being Batman

I love short films. The beautiful thing about short films is you can watch the whole film in a few minutes usually on youtube or vimeo. I’ve got to give a shoutout to slashfilm.com for shining on light on this fantastic (bat-tastic) short doc “Being Batman” about a man who literally becomes Batman. There are […]

Movie Review: Garden State

I recently found Garden State in the dollar DVD bin at a record store and gave it a watch due to its cult following. The movie’s debut was in 2004 and featured Zack Braff (writer and director) and Natalie Portmans’ struggle with internal issues and family problems. It’s storyline is pretty cheesy, and Natalie Portman’s […]

Double Feature Suggestion: John Wick & Mad Max: Fury Road

Everyone’s excited for John Wick 2 which hits theaters next week, even grandmothers are excited for John Wick 2. My Nanna’s been making little Keanu cookies since the beginning of February and I’m sure if you checked your Grandma’s knitting basket you’d find some Keanu mittens…check out the trailer to John Wick 2 here… The […]

Fist Fight & Potential Fist Fight 2 Match Ups 

Fist Fight is “hitting” theaters February 17th and I’m pumped, check out the trailer below… Fist Fight looks hilarious and it’s got a knockout cast. Jillian Bell, Kumail Nanjiani, ASAC Schrader, Tracy Morgan, Christina Hendricks, and of course Ice Cube and Charlie Day who seem like perfect leads for this teacher tussle comedy. Charlie Day […]