Fist Fight & Potential Fist Fight 2 Match Ups 

Fist Fight is “hitting” theaters February 17th and I’m pumped, check out the trailer below…

Fist Fight looks hilarious and it’s got a knockout cast. Jillian Bell, Kumail Nanjiani, ASAC Schrader, Tracy Morgan, Christina Hendricks, and of course Ice Cube and Charlie Day who seem like perfect leads for this teacher tussle comedy. Charlie Day has been killing it with Always Sunny, and Ice Cube is fresh from his XXX: Return of Xander Cage cameo which could have been one of the greatest moments in cinematic history had the trailers not given it away.

I’m legitimately excited for this movie and with the way both Ice Cube and Charlie Day’s comedies have gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fist Fight had a sequel down the road, and in this hypothetical sequel let’s say there’s two other teachers that get into a fight, with Ice Cube and Charlie Day acting as their corner men/coaches. Who would those two teachers be? Here are some potential match ups that would be great to see in a Fist Fight 2…

1. Steve Buscemi & John Goodman – Two movie titans in a teacher fight that would also be a Lebowski reunion, plus they could both potentially play the scary character in two very different ways, that would be awesome.

2. Julia Louis Dreyfus & Larry David – A Seinfeld and Curb reunion, and who wouldn’t want to see Larry David get his ass kicked by Elaine.

3. Idris Elba & Danny DeVito – Two awesome actors with two legendary acting careers. If you saw Idris Elba in The Office or even in Pacific Rim you’d know he would be perfect for this. There’d also be a partial Always Sunny reunion with Danny and Charlie and that would be great to see on the big screen.

4. Melissa McCarthy & Ellie Kemper – A potentially hilarious Bridesmaids reunion with two comedy legends that could bring their own “weird” to a future Fist Fight 2. I’d love to see Ice Cube train Ellie Kemper and be her corner man in some type of boxing match.

5. Willem Dafoe & Michael Shannon – These two actors a well known for their crazy roles, we here at dustydvd happen to be huge fans of both these guys, especially Michael Shannon. With these two things could definitely get weird…

Honorable Mention: Key & Peele – This one’s a no brainer.

Those are the pairs of stars I’d like to see in a teacher fight if there ever was a Fist Fight 2 down the road, which I’m totally calling will happen. Let us know what you think about our list of match ups and let us know if you’ve got any match ups you’d like to see in a potential Fist Fight 2. Look out for Fist Fight starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day in theaters February 17th, and thanks for reading…

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