“The Walking Dead” Season 7, Part II: BOLD PREDICTIONS.

RISE UP. I didn’t want to start this article by saying that because I hope that the Atlanta Falcons get beaten so badly by the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, but it’s basically the motto for the rest of “The Walking Dead” Season 7, so it had to be done. “The Walking Dead.” Season 7, Part II. Rick’s pissed. Michonne convinced him to go back to his “don’t f*ck with me or my family” ways. And now it’s time. Listen, Negan’s character is legendary – he’s such an easy character to immensely love and hate at the same time – but the dude’s gotta get knocked down at some point or another. I mean our hate for him was sky high after S7E01, and the rest of the first half of this season was basically just minimal amounts of icing on top after every single episode. Like, OK, we get it. He’s funny but he’s evil. He’s super bad*ss but he’s got weak points just like everyone else. Oh, and he’s GOTTA chill with the killing off of our favorite characters! WE GET IT. Now show us the good sh*t when all the other groups come together to overthrow him – and that’s exactly my main prediction for the rest of Season 7. I guess we kind of saw it coming – its nothing crazy. Someone, in this case Michonne, telling Rick that Negan and crew HAVE to be stopped – Rick meeting with and gathering all of the other groups together – the other groups actually coming together – all the other groups overthrowing Negan at least to some extent – it’s all there. It’s gonna happen. But, like I said, we saw that coming. So what about the juicy specifics? Below are three bold predictions for what else I think might happen in the rest of Season 7. Ya heard it here first.

  1. Father Gabriel is going to die. This is the season to remember, so why not kill off one more major character to really solidify Season 7’s historic summary? It’s most likely going to be the character with the least amount of character development left and my money’s on it being Father Gabriel. Which I hate. Father Gabriel is finally acting like a boss – a religious zombie killing, “no mercy”-style bad*ss boss. He’s a cool balance between faith and evil but we now know “what he did,” we know who he is, and we know how he’s changed to accept the apocalypse for what it is – I mean what more development is there with his character? Not a whole heck of a lot, unless he starts resurrecting zombies – which would be SICK. How about that for a twist?! But realistically there’s not much left for his character and is it just me or does it kind of feel like he’s being written into the script now just for the sake of being written into the script so that we don’t forget about his character? Listen – I love the dude, but he’s gonezo by the end of this season. With two major character deaths occurring this season, he’s the perfect candidate for the third and final tear-gusher death of Season 7.
  2. Dwayne is going to be a key part in helping Rick and Daryl overthrow Negan. I mean how can you forgive a guy for ironing half of your face and stealing your girl? Payback is about to be a b*tch for Negan. Dwayne and Sherry are – mark my words – going to play a key role in flipping Negan’s fantasy world upside down. You’ll see.
  3. The new “mystery” character will be a hot chick. So, yes, we have a mysterious new character who’s most likely going to make his or her series debut in the Season 7 mid-season premiere. Although I have to admit that I don’t have any idea where this new character is going to fit into the storyline, I’m basically 99.6% sure of three things: 1) It’s going to be a girl, 2) She’s going to be the new hottest girl on the show, outranking Sherry, and 3) Rick is all of a sudden going to start grooving on her… Which, technically, means either Michonne and/or the hot new girl’s life is at stake. That’s just a no-brainer – Rick’s girls always die.

There ya have it. My bold predictions for the rest of “The Walking Dead” Season 7. Disclaimer: I don’t read the comics, I haven’t researched “The Walking Dead” spoilers online, and these predictions are just following my gut. What about YOU guys?! What are your crazy predictions for the rest of “The Walking Dead” Season 7? Leave your predictions in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Snagged from amc.com

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