No Good Deed & Deadpool 2

Its no surprise we’re getting a Deadpool 2 and I think we all know who to thank for it (praise be to the almighty Hugh). Not only was the first Deadpool, directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds (if you’re a Reynolds fan you should absolutely go watch Mississippi Grind) a masterpiece of a blast that surprised us all, its arguably one of the best comic book movies ever made. Yesterday, Ryan Reynolds put up a short/promo on youtube for Deadpool 2 and its clear they put maximum effort into this because its perfect, check it out…

Its hilarious and its a great little short film for the Deadpool character, but obviously we’re not given a lot of details for Deadpool 2, but who cares about details? This was a delicious taste of whats to come and hopefully it silenced any questions fans might have had. Its no secret that director Tim Miller left and David Leitch ( Co-Director of John Fuggin Wick) stepped in, and I was always pretty excited about that, especially after this. Also, is it even legal for a Marvel movie to make a DC reference, once again who cares? Deadpool is coming…

Of course there was also the rumor of Cable being in Deadpool 2, I mean Deadpool himself told us that. Fans suggested Stephen “Cranky Old Daredevil” Lang would make an amazing Cable, which is no doubt true. But it looks like David “Hopper” Harbour is playing Cable, and I think thats an awesome choice. Anyone whose seen Stranger Things, which is pretty much everyone, knows that David Harbour always puts in maximum effort. So overall, Deadpool 2 is looking Frantastic, hopefully we get to see Colossus and Nega Sonic again.

Side note if you liked this Deadpool short you should look up “Dirty Laundry” on youtube, its a Punisher short with Thomas Jane and it’s badass.

Let us know what you think about all the news surrounding Deadpool 2, and thanks for reading…

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