Will Wonder Woman Be The Savior of The DC Movie Universe

A new Wonder Woman trailer recently came out. So far the Wonder Woman trailers have looked pretty cool, and this ones no different. Here we get a little more information on who Wonder Woman is and the actual story of the movie. Check it out here…

Wonder Woman looks like it will be great, and a lot is riding on this movie, so it kind of has to be great. The DC movie universe has hit some speed bumps and its only three movies deep.

I actually think Man of Steel is the best movie in the roster. The fighting looked amazing, I thought the Krypton scenes were incredible, and I thought Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon were both perfect in their roles. Some people say its bologna that Superman let all that Kryptonian brawling go down in towns and cities causing massive destruction and death. But I say he was barely even Superman yet, he just put on the costume and all the sudden these militaristic superguys come down from space trying to start beef, give Clark a break.

Batman v Superman divides film fans like Lex Luther divided Batman and Superman only in this scenario the film fans being divided actually makes sense. There are some great things about Batman v Superman. I thought Jessie Eisenberg was a solid Lex, but once you dissect his plan its like okay what the fuck Zuckerberg? Affleck was also a solid Batman, and the scene where he saves MARTHA!!!! is one of the most hardcore Batman scenes you can find in any Batman movie. Superman didn’t really get the attention he deserved. There are awesome things about BvS but there are also some terrible things about BvS…

Suicide Squad is just a bag of loose assholes. No cares about your daughters progression in mathematics Deadshot!

Hopefully Wonder Woman will the savior of the DC movie universe. All the trailers that are out looks awesome, but lets not forget the Suicide Squad trailers… People have extremely mixed feelings on the DC movie universe, but in any case I think its safe to say everyone wants Wonder Woman to be good. I’m excited to see Wonder Woman when it comes out and I’m hoping it turns out to be the best movie in the DC roster… until Justice League that is (which is hopefully amazing)…

Let us know what you think about Wonder Woman and the other DC films, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from fandango.com

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