5 Actors Who Could Play Snake Plissken in the Escape From New York Reboot

Word on the street is Fox is looking to reboot/remake Escape From New York, and Robert Rodriguez (director of awesome films like Sin City and Spy Kids 2 Island of Lost Dreams) is being considered to direct… and thats pretty fuggin cool. Robert Rodriguez is a badass, and I’m excited to see exactly what a reboot of legendary director John Carpenter’s 80’s classic Escape From New York will look like, hopefully nothing like The Thing reboot (a movie whose only saving grace was the ending that tied directly into the original). The one big question that remains is who will play Snake Plissken (made famous by the almighty Kurt “I impregnated Chris Pratt’s mother” Russell)? We’ve got a few ideas for who could fill Russell’s eye patch, check out our 5 Actors Who Could Play Snake Plissken in the Escape From New York Reboot…

Tom Hardy – Why not? Tom Hardy is great in everything he’s in and he’s apparently being looked at for all kinds of reboot roles, I hear he’s even being looked at for when they reboot the Wolverine character.

Kit Harington – AKA Jon Snow. Everyone loves Jon Snow, and Kit clearly has the hair for the role. Only problem is his Thrones shooting schedule.

Keanu Reeves – This may not fit for some people but Keanu could absolutely pull off Plissken, just have him John Wick it up and throw on an eye patch, bing bang boom Snake Reeves.

Mads Mikkelsen – I mean, it’s Mads Mikkelsen.

Dafne Keen – The little girl who played X-23, AKA Mini Lady Logan in the amazing movie Logan. Even though she’s a ten year old girl, after seeing her in Logan I’m confident she could fill the eye patch made famous by the almighty Kurt “I don’t have time to play catch Chris Pratt” Russell.

Those are our Snake Plissken picks for Fox’s reboot of Escape From New York. If anyone can make a reboot of this action classic worth watching I think Rodriguez is that filmmaker.

Tell us what you think of our Snake Plissken reboot picks and let us know which actors/actresses you think would be good for the iconic role. Thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from vulture.com

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