Bosch Season 3 First Half Review

(pretty much spoiler free)

Season three of Bosch was recently released by Amazon and I’m extremely excited because I love Bosch. Sometimes when I watch Bosch I yell Bosch whenever Bosch does anything Bosch-like, which is all the time. If you’ve seen the first two seasons of Bosch, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I tell you there’s some serious Bosch-ing going down in season three.

Titus Welliver is back and he’s better than ever as Harry Bosch, the LA homicide detective who’s by the books and a loose cannon all in one and this season Bosch is up against some serious foes. But the thing is… you can’t “out Bosch” Bosch.

Season three of Bosch picks up right after season two, well sixteen months after to be precise. All our familiar faces are picking up the pieces from last season (especially in Irvin’s case…) Bosch is testifying in Veronica Allen’s trial and trying to get together another trial against that crazy movie director and while this is happening we see a murder take place, a homeless man is killed (Hard Target?… spoiler alert) and a street punk sees the murder. This sends Bosch and his partner J. Edgar (played by the great Jamie “My Name is My Name” Hector) on the hunt for some seriously skilled enemies… there’s also a “framing” situation and then there’s potentially something going on with Bosch’s kid at school and a bunch of people are being dicks to Billets, basically there’s tons of things happening in Bosch’s world and from the first couple of episodes you can tell a lot of people are going to end up getting Bosch’d before season three is over.

The first few episodes are just puzzle pieces that set up the rest of the season. The “elements” up against Bosch may be more serious than ever this time around. By episode three or four you’ll have a solid idea of whats going on, but how exactly it will end is anyones guess. But, it is Bosch, and you can’t out Bosch Bosch… I’ve only seen the first half (first five eps) of season three and I think it may be my favorite season yet. If you haven’t checked out Bosch yet you’re seriously missing out. You can stream all three seasons now on Amazon.

Bosch Season 3 Eps 1-5 gets… 4.5/5 Stars

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One thought on “Bosch Season 3 First Half Review

  1. Season 3 was the best one yet & that’s quite a feat because seasons 1 & 2 were great. You are correct to point out that the first few shows set the pieces & the characters in motion. It is deeper & more nuanced than ever before with each of the main players given more key moments. The new players are great too except for the actor who played the director. He hammed it up in a series that goes out of its way to not be glamorous & “actory”.
    The payoff is not what you expect & definitely seems to set up season 4, but it is very satisfying nevertheless. ABC’s American Crime created by John Ridley is the only TV series that can match Bosch season for season, but it is not as much fun to watch. (ABC will probably drop it due to poor audience numbers. Hopefully Amazon will reach out to Ridley & see if he want to continue the show.)
    For me Bosch is the best “cop show” since the equally outstanding NYPD Blue. When does season 4 premiere?


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