The Lords of The Rings: The Drinking Game

Before I begin I feel that I must state that this is obviously only for people who are of drinking age, 21 or older, or obviously if you have a really good fake ID, just kidding, obviously.

There are all kinds of drinking games for movies, I’ve come up with and participated in a few myself. I’ve always been a big fan of The Lord of the Rings (Gandalf over Dumbledore any day of the week). It may be one of he best trilogies of all time and this may be one of the most challenging movie dirinking games of all time. This particular challenge isn’t so much a game as it is a battle for ones own life in the Mines of Moria only if all the goblins were all alcohol. For this game you’ll have to try and sit through all three Lord of the Rings films, Fellowship, Two Towers, Return of the King, that’s 557 minutes of Lord of the Rings (if we’re talking the theatrical release) that’s almost ten hours of drinking. If you can make it half way through Return of The King thats a win. Last time I attempted the Lord of The Rings Drinking Game many moons ago, everyone had either fallen asleep or given up after finding themselves in a dire state by the time Legolas was hopping onto elephants.

Play with beer or wine, some rules require shots, applies to all three Lord of Rings movies, start with Fellowship end with Return, here are the rules…

1. Take a drink anytime Frodo says Sam.

2. Take a drink anytime Sam says Frodo.

3. Take a drink if Legolas stares off into the distance or at someone.

4. Take a drink if Legolas shoots more than one arrow from his bow at once.

5. Take a drink anytime Frodo uses the ring and goes invisible.

6. Take a drink when someone or something’s head is cut off.

7. Take a drink anytime Gandalf smokes a pipe.

8. Start chugging if someone sings and don’t stop until they stop.

9. Take a drink every time someone else takes a drink or says a toast.

10. Take a drink every time any of our heroes are running or walking while there’s a sweeping landscape shot showcasing the gorgeous New Zealand scenery.

11. Take a drink every time Legolas and Gimli reference the number of kills they have in a competitive manner.

12. Take a drink if something or someone is squished.

13. Take a shot when Boromir dies.

14. Take a drink anytime someone is cooking.

15. Take a drink every time Gandalf calls someone a fool.

16. Take a shot when the eagles save the day.

17. Take a drink every time Aragorn snags a kiss.

18. Take a drink when Uruk-hai are shown being born or face painting.

19. Take a drink when a hobbit or dwarf is thrown by another character or creature.

20. Take a drink every time someone says precious.

21. Take a drink every time someones says ring.

22. Start chugging if there is a wizard fight.

23. Take a shot if there is a main character death fake-out (looks like they die but they don’t, there are several).

24. Take a shot anytime a Ringwraith/Nazgul is killed.

25. Start chugging when characters have a conversation in Elvish and don’t stop until the conversation is over.

The Lord of The Rings Drinking Game is meant to be played while watching all three Lord of The Rings movies in a row, but obviously you can play it watching only one of them, Fellowship, Two Towers, or Return of the King. Remember to drink some water throughout, there’s no shame in tapping out at any point, you don’t want to turn into a Smeagol. Good luck. Fly, you fools…

Photo Credit: Snagged from

Lord of the Rings: Theatrical Trilogy (BD) [Blu-ray]

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