Cast Picks for The Witcher Netflix Series

News has recently broke that Netflix will be producing a Witcher series and that is fuggin fantastic. If you’ve read the Witcher books or played any of the Witcher games (Get Witcher 3, you won’t regret it) you are well aware that a live action Witcher series has a lot of potential. Thankfully for fans like myself the show will be in the gentle hands of Netflix and I have faith they will be able to bring Geralt of Rivia to life is glorious fashion. But who could play Geralt? Who would play any of the roles Witcher fans have grown to love? Vesemir, Triss, Yenn? We’ve got some suggestions, check out our Witcher Netflix series cast suggestions below…

Geralt of Rivia – Michael Fassbender or Karl Urban. Michael Fassbender is pretty awesome in everything he’s in and he needs a good video game role to redeem the folly that was Assassin’s Creed. Karl Urban is also pretty awesome and after seeing him many times over in the badass growly role of Judge Dredd (see Dredd if you haven’t because that movie is nuts) I’m confident he could pull off a solid Geralt.

Vesemir – Brendan Gleeson or Kurt Russell. Brendan Gleeson is a badass old guy, if you need any proof check out In Bruges or The Guard or Gangs of New York. Kurt Russell is Kurt Russell. Bone Tomahawk. Tombstone. The Thing. He’s Kurt Russell.

Yennefer – Cate Blanchett or Catherine Zeta Jones. After seeing dark haired Cate Blanchett in the new Thor Ragnarok trailer I think she could definitely pull off Yenn. Catherine Zeta Jones dips beneath lasers and she has an undeniable Yennefer look (kinda).

Triss – Christina Henricks or Kate Mara. Whoever plays Triss need to be a badass redhead and coincidentally Hendricks and Mara both happen to be badass redheads who starred in amazing TV series in the past (Mad Men and House o Cards).

Ciri – Felicity Jones. Felicity Jones was amazing in Rogue One and I can’t think of anyone better for the role of Ciri.

Dandelion – Bret McKenzie or Josh Groban. Dandelion needs to be funny and he needs a good set of singing pipes. Bret McKenzie and Josh Groban totally fit the Dandelion mold, just look at McKenzie in Flight of the Concords or Groban in that episode of the office where he played Andy’s brother.

Roach – Motion Capture Andy Serkis. Cleary there is no other option.

Let us know what you think about our Witcher cast choices and let us know who your picks would be, and thanks for reading…

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