Tom Hardy will be playing Venom aka Eddie Brock

Venom is a character/villain that Marvel fans love. He’s also a character that was tarnished by the abomination known as Spiderman 3. A Venom “Reboot” has been spitballing around the interwebs for years and now it finally looks like Sony will be producing a Venom movie that will launch a Spidey—Villain-Verse, and I’m curious how this universe will play out given that this will supposedly not connect to Tom Holland Sony/Marvel universe. Sorry Sarvel, or Mony, you decide.

I think everyone has had their questions and doubts surrounding this Venom movie but few days ago it was announced that ultra awesome badass actor Tom Hardy has been locked in to play Venom aka Eddie Brock, which is a slightly better casting decision than Topher Grace (star of Oceans 12).

Tom Hardy is a great choice for Venom. Take any movie he’s in and its easy to see the amount of badassery he’s capable of bringing to any character. It’ll also be pretty cool to see Hardy play another beloved comic book villain. I thought Hardy was great as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and dare I say arguably on par with Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as the Joker.

We’ve got faith that Tom Hardy can bring some greatness to the character of Venom and kickstart this Spidey-Villain-Verse. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t see Hardy and Holland cross paths at least any time soon because word is these universes are not connected, which is obviously a disappointment. But on the bright side this Venom movie is also apparently going to be rated R, which is a smart decision given the commercial and critical successes of Deadpool and Logan. Hopefully Sony can pull this off, luckily they’ve got someone like Hardy taking the reins as Eddie Brock.

In the meantime you should take in any and all of Hardy’s other amazing performances. Fury Road, Legend, Locke, that Shia prohibition movie, Bronson, The Revenant, Peaky Blinders, anything you pick Hardy is great in which is great news for anyone looking forward to this Venom movie and this Spidey-Villain-Verse.

Let us know what you think about Tom Hardy being chosen as Venom and the Spidey-Villain-Verse, and thanks for reading…

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Bronson [Blu-ray]

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