Bloodline S3 Ep1 Review

(Spoilers ahead)

Bloodline is back for its third and final season. I’m a huge fan of Bloodline, its one of the best series Netflix has to offer and it may be one of the best series currently out there (in my opinion). Bloodline isn’t afraid to take its time to tell you the story of the Rayburns. Some may think the show is slow, but it pays off big time, and you’re constantly drawn in by the unbelievable cast. It’s a shame to see the show end after only three seasons, but it makes sense given that Bloodline is telling a specific story that will no doubt come to an earth shattering culmination for at least of our beloved Rayburns. We came out with a “brief” second season review for Bloodline back when it premiered, check it out here…

The third (and final) season premiere of Bloodline picks up right where season two left off. Dumbass Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) killed Marco (Enrique Murciano) by bashing his brains in, then makes tons of obvious post-murder mistakes. Running back and forth to the murder scene, fingerprinting all over the place, vomiting. Kevin really fucked up this time, and neither of us know how the hell he’s going to get out of this one.

Meanwhile John (Kyle Chandler) is off driving to nowhere, running away from his problems, avoiding all the calls from his family, the ghost of his brother Danny (Ben “Mother Fucking” Mendelsohn) whispering in his ear. But he sort of spends the whole episode running around doing nothing, running away from his problems, shooting alligators, hitchhiking, smoking weed, arguing with people at the bus station, you know, normal Florida stuff. Obviously John had to do a little soul searching but it still felt like it was obvious he was coming back to do what John does.

Back and the Rayburn resort Meg (Linda “Where are my glasses” Cardellini) tried to confess to everything that’s happened (but really is totally trying to justify her and Kev ratting out John) to Momma/Sally Rayburn (played by OG Sissy Spacek) but Sally doesn’t take the news well, first thinking its thirty years in the past for a brief moment before snapping out of it and avoiding Meg by tending to some hotel guests. Meg goes off and did what Meg does by getting super tanked at the nearest bar. Kevin goes to his mom for help but she locks him out and Kevin ends up freaking out and goes to that shady family friend dude for help, probably not a good move, which shouldn’t surprise us given it’s Kevin.

No sign of Danny’s son Nolan in episode one, but it was cool to see John Leguizamo’s character Ozzy dig himself out of that shitty/desperate situation… Everything seems to be leading John and his family to a catastrophic end, and being that this is the last season we’re going to get a conclusion (I’m confident it will be a satisfying one). I can’t wait to finish this season of Bloodline although I am a little sad to know that this will be the end of the Rayburn saga. I’m hoping all of their outcomes aren’t too terrible…

Bloodline Season 3 Ep 1 gets… 4/5 Stars

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