First Black Panther Trailer is Out!

Wow. Marvel just released the first trailer for Black Panther which will be directed by Ryan Coogler (director of Creed) and it looks pretty wild, check it out…

Besides featuring a sleek and insanely futuristic looking Wakanda, the trailer showcased Black Panther’s amazing cast, Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa himself, Michael B. Jordan (of Creed and other great movies like Chronicle), Lupita “Superhuman Light Saber Radar Detector” Nyong’o, Forest “Worst babysitter in the Star Wars universe” Whitaker, Danai “Sickest dreads in the zombie apocalypse” Gurira, Daniel “Hey babe can we leave your parents house now” Kaluuya, and the return of Bilbo and Smeagol, along with many other talented actors/actresses.

We don’t get to see much of Boseman in action as the Black Panther, but we do get to see him stomp some poacher type guys and of course there’s that great slow-mo car flip right at the end. Right now I think Boseman’s Black Panther is one of the more interesting charters of the Marvel universe, he was one of the best parts of Captain America: Civil War (a movie with many great parts).

Smeagol (Andy Serkis, who we previously suggested in our Witcher Netflix article should play Roach via motion capture) makes his return as Klaw, and he seems to be the main villain which I’m definitely into because I enjoyed his tiny part in Age of Ultron (a movie with many not so great parts). Looks like he’s still missing that arm, thanks to Robot Robert California, we didn’t get a sneak peak of any metal “claw” thingy for his arm replacement, but I’m sure he’ll get something made out of vibranium before the end of the movie. On a side note, what’s Bilbo doing here? Probably some military stuff, it also looks like they catch Klaw at some point, wondering if he’ll just end of Joker-ing/Loki-ing his way out of imprisonment.

Most of the other cast members get a few moments to show off their characters and capture our attention. What’s up with Michael B. Jordan’s hair cut?! And who is he? I can’t wait to find out (according to IMDB his character’s name is Erik Killmonger, that’s a good guy name right?). Forest Whitaker appears to be Forest Whitaker-ing sans robot legs or phone booth containing Colin Farrell. After this first trailer Black Panther is looking fantastic. One last thought, no sign of The Winter Soldier in the trailer. Will we see the return of Bucky in Black Panther and will he have a fresh arm? I hope so.

Marvel has some amazing films on the way. First the wacky cosmic Thor Ragnarok trailer and now this kickass sci-fi-esque Black Panther trailer. Let us know what you think about the new Black Panther trailer and let us know any predictions you have! Thanks for reading…

One more thing! Wild card post credit predictions for when Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th, 2018! What will the post credit scene be? We’ve got some guesses!

1. A Captain Marvel related post credit scene.

2. Bucky will be unleashed and he will link up with Cap.

3. Tony Stark will bang Aunt May, like for a long time, at least a four minute scene…

Photo Credit: Snagged from

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War [Blu-ray]

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