Jackie Chan is The Foreigner

Jackie… is back-ie. The trailer for Jackie Chan’s new movie The Foreigner is out and it looks awesome, check it out here…

In The Foreigner, Jackie Chan is looking for vengeance after his daughter is killed in an IRA terrorist attack the only way he knows how, with kick ass stunt choreography. I’ve always been a huge Jackie Chan fan (Drunken Master, Rush Hour, Rumble in The Bronx, need I continue?) and after watching this trailer, which shows Jackie pulling off some pretty cool moves, I am crazy excited for this movie.

The Foreigner also stars Pierce Brosnan (aka Stu from Mrs. Doubtfire) who’s obviously awesome, and it’s directed by Martin Cambell, director of Casino Royale, which was an amazing movie and had some fantastic action sequences. So, Casino Royale level action sequences plus the mythic Jackie Chan clearly will equal a solid ass kicking vengeance adventure. It’s also pretty interesting to see Jackie take on such a serious role, but I’m confident he can pull it off. Look forward to The Foreigner out in October, which will no doubt be the next “old man kicks ass for his daughter movie” to rock the cinemas.

Let us know your favorite Jackie Chan movies and let us know what you thought about The Foreigner trailer, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from usatoday.com

Rumble In The Bronx – Amazon Rental

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