Ten Perfect 4th of July Films

Happy 4th of July everybody! If you happen to be living in a country other than the United States, Happy 4th of whatever month it is wherever you are (thats how that works right…just kidding guys)! The 4th of July is great holiday where we all get the day off, we eat hot dogs, we drink a bit too much but thats okay because we were already going to get an uber home anyway, and we hang out with our friends and family, oh and we also celebrate America’s independence or whatever, being that its Independence Day. But after you’re done eating hot dogs and all that, you may want to sit back and watch a good 4th of July movie. Or maybe you don’t want to go outside at all. Either way you’re in luck, because we’ve got the perfect list of movies to keep that 4th of July buzz going (or start it up). Here are our Ten Perfect 4th of July Films, they may seem a little unorthodox, but trust us, they’re overflowing with the spirit of America…


Team America: Perhaps the most American movie there is, full of explosions, dead terrorists, North Korea sucking, graphic nudity, and the destruction of the Eiffel Tower. Team America World Police is a ridiculously entertaining movie with an amazing cast lead by the talented and legendary Matt Damon.


Elvis & Nixon: A wildly interesting and hilarious movie reenacting the meeting of two American legends played by two legendary American actors (Michael Shannon & Kevin Spacey). Also Johnny Knoxville plays a dude in Elvis’ posse and he’s pretty much the human equivalent of fireworks.


Marathon Man: Marathon Man is a classic movie about one of the most American things in existence… kicking nazi ass (also dentistry). Plus 70’s New York.


Air Force One: Whats more American than kicking Russian ass and kicking people off of planes? Not much. Air Force One kicks ass, and Gary Oldman proves once again that he’s as awesome as he is crazy.


Coming to America: Probably the best Eddie Murphy movie there is, and one of the funniest movies ever made. Plus 80’s New York.


There Will Be Blood: If you want to have a good 4th of July you should have tons of food and tons of drinks. But if you really want to ball out and have a great 4th of July in the most American way imaginable, you should probably get tons of oil. A milkshake wouldn’t be bad either. Plus that cinematography… and that score. Great movie.


Inglorious Basterds: If you’re not in the 4th of July spirit yet, look no further, because Inglorious Basterds will bash the spirit of Uncle Sam right into you, like a baseball bat bashing some punk ass nazi brains in. Baseball equals America, nazi ass kicking equals America, Quentin Tarantino equals awesome, this one’s a no brainer guys.


Predator: I’ve already said a few times “nothing is more American than…” or “the most American..” but real talk guys, Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the most American thing I can think of. Predator is a classic kick ass movie, everyone knows that, I know that, you know that, we both know that, and we both cry a little when Billy stays behind. Also, it stars two former United States Governors, so there’s that…


Captain America The Winter Soldier: Do I even need to do this? Hydra equals Nazi!? Tons of Hydras/Nazis get fists to the face. Also Captain America is a total boss and the glue that holds the Avengers together while Tony Stark pops pills and philanders off screen.


Dr. Strangelove: Crazy American leaders and scheming Russians, gee that sounds familiar… Unfortunately real life isn’t directed by Stanley Kubrick, otherwise the lighting around Trumps hair would obviously be way better. Also there’s nuclear bombs, which are the ultimate firework.

Those are our Ten Perfect 4th of July Films! Let us know if you have any (besides Independence Day… Resurgence…Kyle). Happy 4th of July everyone, have fun, stay safe, and thanks for reading!

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Elvis & Nixon – Amazon

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