Double Feature Suggestion: A Prophet & Starred Up

Prison movies are a classic movies genre. Filled with violence, intensity, grittiness, and often times a brutally honest glimpse at humanity, prison movies have been scaring people into being law abiding citizens for years. Coincidentally, it appears Donald Trump Jr. may be going to prison for treason, so we feel for his sake it may be a good time to put out a “prison themed” Double Feature Suggestion, and they both happen to be two foreign films, unfortunately for Donny Jr. they aren’t Russian… Here is our Prison Themed Double Feature Suggestion featuring A Prophet & Starred Up, both excellent movies that will hopefully prepare you if the time comes… Donny.

A Prophet – A French film from 2009 that was nominated for an academy award, A Prophet is about a young Muslim man who comes to prison with nothing, no friends or family, not even the ability to read, and he eventually intertwines himself with opposing groups with some mixed and violent outcomes. Donald Trump Jr. would obviously benefit from watching this because it would hopefully inspire him to learn how to read during his stay in prison. Not to mention the fact that its an amazing movie that tells a long sweeping crime story, is filled with some horrifically brutal violence, and sort of features a tutorial on how to make a weapon using a sock filled with batteries (you sort of just fill a sock with batteries…)

Starred Up – An explosively violent and gritty British film from 2013 that stars Jack O’Connell as Eric Love, a 19 year old kid who’s been bumped up or “starred up” from juvenile prison to the big house. Eric Love has survived his years of trouble, abuse, and imprisonment by putting up a defensive wall of violence and becoming a wild fisticuffs beast. This movie also stars one of this blog’s favorite actors, Ben Mendelsohn (known for his award worthy sweatiness in the fantastic Netflix show Bloodline) as Eric Love’s estranged father, who happens to be in the same prison, which causes some expected and unexpected strife. This movie’s got some crazy shit in it, and in Donny Jr.’s case, it will probably be beneficial for various shiv/weapon crafting and hiding techniques, and it will hopefully inspire him to hash out any daddy issues that he may or may not have…

Thats our Prison Themed Double Feature Suggestion featuring A Prophet & Starred Up, two films with tons of heart and tons of violent scenes to make you wince and hide behind your fingers and popcorn bowls. So Donald Trump Jr. if you’re forcing one of your servants to read this right now hopefully you’ll watch these movies and be ready if and when you get starred up…

Let us know what your favorite prison movies are, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from

Starred Up – Amazon Rental

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