Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions: Game of Thrones

Last night’s Game of Thrones, the 4th episode of season 7 titled “The Spoils of War” was absolutely epic and without a doubt one of the best episodes of the series. There were so many enjoyably thrilling moments and to top it off it had one the series’ finest battle sequences. We’re now past the halfway point in the penultimate season, there are only three episodes left this season and we’re a mere nine episodes away from the end of the series. It’ll be a sad day when this show comes to an end, but with amazing episodes like this, and countless crazy moments throughout this one of a kind series, Game of Thrones will forever leave it’s mark on the world.

With the end on the horizon there’s no better time than now to make some wild predictions and before I do let me just say I haven’t read and info on future episodes or seen any of the leaked episodes and anyone who has should be shamed. So, here are our Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions for the future of Game of Thrones…

1. Arya is totally going to go ninja on a White Walker’s ass with that Valyrian steel dagger and Bran totally knows it, just check out the look on his face when he hands it over to her.

2. Bran will talk to Jon about Hardhome.

3. The Brotherhood Without Banners AKA The Lord of Light Dudes, will meet up with the Wildlings at East Watch by the Sea where a giant battle will take place against the White Walkers and the army of the dead. Ultimately, everyone will die and the White Walkers will blow past the Wall and make their way into civilized Westeros. All our Brotherhood and Wildling homies will tragically perish in a badass battle scene. But the question is will the Hound survive? He’ll either survive and make it back to Winterfell to warn everyone and see Sansa and Arya, or he’ll go out like an ultimate badass and pick up Beric’s flaming sword (after he also goes out like a boss) and use it to kill a White Walker before being swarmed by the dead, perhaps?!

4. One of those Dragons is going to die before the end of the season.

5. Once Brienne finds out that Tormund has died in the battle at East Watch by the Sea, she will mourn for a brief period before falling in love will Podrick and discovering his sexual prowess.

6. Little Finger will definitely try to steal another smooch from Sansa, but she’s going to be like “Nah dude”. Also Little Finger will assume Bran is a psychic and do some more Little Fingering.

7. Brienne will kill Little Finger when he goes cray cray on Sansa for friend zoning him.

8. Actually, Arya will kill Little Finger and use his face to sneak into Kings Landing and ninja Cersei. Arya gave him a nasty look after she fought Brienne (which was easily one of the top ten GOT fights, scratch that, moments of all time) I believe the last time she saw Little Finger was when she was Tywin’s cup bearer…

9. Varys will be assassinated in a plot orchestrated by Qyburn and his little birds (formerly Varys’ little birds).

10. Greyworm will tragically fall in battle while escaping Casterly Rock and Missandei will be swooped up by the suave Onion Knight.

11. There will be no Hound v Mountain Dawn of Justice (I hope I’m wrong).

12. The Mountain will be beheaded by Euron after Cersei tries and fails to double cross and kill him, but this will not kill zombie Mountain and he will ultimately kill Euron like he killed the Red Viper (RIP #season3ofNarcosdropssoon) and then Qyburn will use Euron’s head for zombie Mountain.

13. Gendry, after drifting for years at sea, without any knowledge of navigation or general seafaring skills, will end up at East Watch by the Sea and also die in the huge East Watch battle.

14. Jon and Dany will end up together and Bran will never reveal the truth of his lineage.

15. The Army of The Dead will meet, fight, and absorb the mega-pack of wolves, who save the people of Winterfell while they flee to the south as their home is overrun.

Those are our Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions for the future of Game of Thrones, let us know what you think, and let us know your predictions. There’s no telling where the rest of the season will take us, but I have no doubt it will be epic.

Let us know what you think about the new Game of Thrones season so far, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from popsugar.com

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