The Hateful Eight Discussion: Did Major Marquis Warren Kill General Smithers’ Son?

(Hateful Eight spoilers ahead)

I’m a huge Tarantino fan and a big fan of The Hateful Eight. I first saw The Hateful Eight in IMAX when it was still in theaters and I was blown away like Bob’s face. I can totally see why some people aren’t into it, love it or hate it The Hateful Eight is still practically three hours of cabin banter. But The Hateful Eight grows on you with repeated viewings, the cinematography is spectacular, the cast is packed with legends and so crazily skilled they actually make three hours of cabin banter exciting and absorbing, it’s got that endearing trademark Tarantino goopy ultra-violence, and of course Ennio. All of this love for The Hateful Eight probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s read our Hateful Eight/Green Room Double Feature article…

The Hateful Eight is Tarantino’s masterpiece (one of many?). It’s like a culmination of Tarantino’s best Tarantino-isms, is almost Kubrickian in its Tarantino-isms. As I’ve said before, with repeated viewings it only gets better. Like when you notice Daisy’s smile as she takes delight in Oswaldo introducing himself. One question I’ve always asked myself, even after my first viewing of The Hateful Eight, did Major Marquis Warren (Sam Jackson) really kill General Smithers’ (Bruce Dern) son, after marching him naked through the snow and making him “suck his johnson”? This may in be one of the biggest mysteries within The Hateful Eight.

If you watch the scene again, or if you’ve seen the movie before (I tried to find a good version of the scene on youtube for you, couldn’t do it, sorry) it clearly seems like Major Warren, played by Sam “where’s my eyepatch” Jackson, is trying to rile up General Smithers, played by Bruce “boy’s got sand” Dern, in order to have an excuse to draw and shoot Smithers during a shootout. During Major Warren’s monologue, even Mannix (Walter Goggins) says that Warren is just making it all up to get the General angry enough to draw. But what really happened? Did Major Warren really kill/face fug General Smithers’ son? Because of the Lincoln letter we know that Warren is capable of making up some pretty convincing tales, but is the tale of General Smithers’ son just another fabrication? I happen to believe this is not a fabrication, Major Warren was telling the truth.

The first and only time General Smithers brings up his son is when an excited Mannix first takes a seat across from him to introduce himself, while Major Warren (Sam Jackson) is out in the barn with Bob. Warren isn’t anywhere near them when General Smithers mentions he’s looking for his son, and his son isn’t brought up again until Major Warren tells Smithers he killed him. There’s no way Warren would know about Smithers’ son, unless he actually did meet him. Even though the evidence suggests Major Warren may have made up this entertaining tale… after close examination it’s clear Major Warren has to be telling the truth, having no other way of knowing the details surrounding General Smithers’ son.

Let us know what you think, was Major Marquis Warren telling the truth? And let us know what you think about The Hateful Eight and where it ranks among the films of Tarantino. Thanks for reading…

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