Mr. Robot Season 3 Premiere Opinion

Mr. Robot is at an extreme fork in the road. It’s either making a left and taking us on a ride with no harness, or its making that right turn merging into a huge traffic pile of shit..

Let me start by saying the Season premeire lived up to the hype in every aspect. The dim lighting, use of shadows, soundtrack, close up shots, and perfect balance of cliff-hanger/reveals reminded me why season 1 and 2 were so appealing. The cinematography for a cable tv show never lets me down and the freedom Sam Esmail has with the show is still there and keeps me wanting more. The plot didn’t play catch up. It left off right in the warehouse with no back-tracking. Who shot Elliot? Tyrell. Real Tyrell. What side is Angela on? Dark Army Side. What happened to Elliot in his Season 2 blackout? Mr.Robot did some solo missions. But one hint throughout the whole episode made me question all 20 hours I have invested in Mr.Robot — Time Travel. 

I swear to God. If at some point through out Season 3 if there is some reveal that Elliot, Angela or White Rose can travel through time, my TV is getting a Randy Johnson Fastball right through the fucking screen. There were suggestions this being a possibility. White Rose’s OCD with time was the most subtle hint throughout the whole show. The ear piercing minute reminder ‘DIT-DIT‘ definitely made it prevelant that time is an issue for the Series. Then the E Corp power plant tour guide dropping hints on alternate universes, and in the final scene, Angela is asking retorhical questions to Elliot about going back in time to stop what E Corp did to his Dad. 

I don’t know what Esmail is setting up for this Season. Angela’s questions may be a metaphor. It may be her own psychatric treatment to help Elliot. It may be a mind trick to continue phase 2. You never know with Mr.Robot.

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Mr. Robot: Season 2 [Blu-ray]

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